Five Favorite Recent Finds

Here I am, back again to blog about my rampant consumerism.  Well, not quite, but new things do give me handy blog material.  Maybe something more profound will come up later, but I’d like to get into the habit of blogging more, and this is as easy as it gets.  Anyway, here goes:


Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer


A couple weeks ago, I had the trifecta: a little spare cash, an afternoon to kill, and circles like black holes under my eyes.  Off to the Nordstrom’s makeup department I went.  This involved a trip to the mall that has a Tiffany’s and a three-story Forever 21 (one of these things is not like the

other).  It was my first makeup experience at Nordstroms, and I was expecting something similar to my usual quiet trip to the Clinique counter, where I’m shepherded towards the “50+ under eye products” section.

Not so here.  No, instead it was introvert hell.  They had a DJ.  Every saleswoman from every brand wore the same all-black ensemble, so even though I knew what I wanted, I accidentally got abducted by a representative from a different brand who gave me…not the right solution (again with the “50+” products!).

Getting help at the Bobbi Brown counter involved loitering awkwardly for several minutes, unsure of where I was supposed to wait, and where I was allowed to be.  Finally, I caught someone’s attention, and it turned out that the trip through introvert hell was worthwhile.

She hooked me up with the corrector/concealer you see above, and so far, it’s peerless.  Yes, it cost an arm and a leg, and yes, it involves 3 separate steps every morning.  Once it’s on, though, I look awake and like a non-heroin addict (and I think one purchase is going to last me at least a year).  Win.


Jewelry drawer organizer

“You should Pinterest a picture and become an internet sensation,” was Johnny’s response to this one.  One of the things that’s been bothering me since we moved is the shoebox full of necklaces that I didn’t have a home for.  A trip to BB&B was going south once I realized that a drawer organizer would cost about $30.  “Heck no,” I thought.  “It essentially just a…..” [cue lightbulb moment]

Behold: a silverware tray.


So far it’s perfect, and the rubber lining holds everything exactly where I want it, all for the low price of $7.99 (before coupon).


My new teapot


I’m relatively new to the tea-drinking scene, so my tea kettle needs are pretty basic.  The kettle I got is definitely “utilitarian diner chic,” but my gosh, it is loud, and that was important.  It’s also glass, easy to clean, and made in Connecticut.  Also, and perhaps most importantly, it was under $10.  I think I’m in love.


Adequate kitchen lighting

With the dark days of winter and an almost equally dark kitchen, I had been spending as little time as possible at the kitchen sink.  Bad news for the eaters of the family, as well as those who value sanitation.  Johnny has a surprisingly strong aversion to home improvement stores, so if I wanted to solve the problem, it was up to me.

Much like my makeup-buying experience, the purchase of this simple track lighting involved me loitering alone in the aisles of a store trying to get someone’s attention without being too obvious.  Yes, “assertive” is pretty much my middle name.  However, an electrician I am not, and it was ridiculously hard to determine which lights would plug into an outlet, and which required a license to install.  An hour and $50 later, once I had determined that it didn’t need to be hard-wired into our ceiling, this was mine.


It makes all the difference in my evening culinary pursuits, and once things were well-lit, I suddenly figured out a way to arrange things that freed up lots of counter space.  Hey, if the lightbulb of brilliance isn’t coming on over your head…install one yourself.


Longer days

This was the view when I got out of work today.  Although I didn’t mark Sunshine Day on my calendar like Tess did, I think this is the first day that the sun has still been completely above the horizon when I left work.  Above everything else, this may be my favorite new “find” of the week.


I’m guessing that Johnny won’t make it to #2 on this incredibly girly list before regretting his encouragement that I blog again.  Unfortunately for him, a sewing machine purchase is on the horizon, so this won’t let up any time soon.

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