Weekend in Review: January 10/11

This weekend’s activity brought to you by my realization that at any moment (not really, but kind of), I could unexpectedly have to leave the house and not come back for several days (and then, pretty much domestically useless).  It’s like believing in a half-rapture.

I had to work on Saturday morning, and am on Day 10 of a head cold that won’t end, but I was still pretty pleased with what I managed to accomplish.

Not pictured: 18 dish sponges, a 200-load bottle of laundry detergent, cans of Comet, Baby’s First Garbage Can, and various other purchases that somehow make me feel better.

Quote of the weekend: “I thought you were insane for buying wipes, and then I realized…we kinda actually need that stuff.”

Small11 – Lately I’ve been in the mood to use up and clean out random things from our pantry and freezer.  Last night’s sacrificial lamb was cranberries (probably from Christmas 2013), which I used to make Cranberry Whole-Grain Muffins.  I went to bed without mentioning them to Johnny, so when I woke up this morning and noticed one missing, I asked him how it was.  Verdict?  “The cranberries were the funnest part.”  They’re noticeably heavier than regular muffins, and not at all dessert material, but I’ll certainly get through the rest of them on my own (and then use up the rest of the cranberries on something a little cakier).

2 – Laundry weekend!  At this moment, all of our laundry is clean and folded.  Someday, I really need to document the terror of the steps that lead to our laundry room, but for now, suffice it to say that it takes some real motivation to go downstairs to change one load, let alone every sheet, towel, and sock we own.  We also washed all of our newborn-sized clothes, also known as: 40 items that only filled half a hamper.  The event was capped off by a game called Black and Blue Sock Sorting.  I can never tell if I’ve won or not.

3 – As part of the deep-cleaning rampage, I scrubbed parts of the kitchen that haven’t gotten cleaned for…a while.  I was just glad no one witnessed the physics-defying moves it took to get myself within reach of the window behind the sink.  I wish I had taken a photo of the finished room before I ruined it with cooking, but trust me – it was a bright, shining moment.  We capped it off by buying a Costco-sized pack of sponges, with the resolution to actually switch them out on a regular basis.  Lots of big things happening over in Casa Gerardi.

4 – “Be careful cutting the tomatoes,” I yelled from the living room.  Then the yell of horror came.  I have to say, we were both shocked at how much mess could come out of one grape tomato.  Incidentally, this was the moment when we decided that it would be laundry weekend.

5 – We spotted that carton of heaven at Costco a couple weekends ago, and I managed to walk away.  Not so this time.  I planned ahead, made a space in the freezer, and have no other dessert ambitions for the next few weeks.  At 150 calories per 1/3 serving, all I need now are the tiny little spoons.

6 – Finally, I’m ending this post with a complete vain observation that I made over the weekend: pregnancy has slowly made my formerly-curly hair almost totally straight.  Obviously, there are a million more significant things that have happened, and that happen to other people, but I have to say, this kind of bummed me out.  If you need me, I’ll be off trying to figure out how the other half lives.

Weekend in Review: January 3/4

Well, the end of my 10-day break is nigh, and it’s going to be hard to go back in the morning.  Not just because I’ve got the start of a cold, but also because I’ve gotten a taste of freedom and domestic productivity, and it was glorious.  I knocked out the vast majority of my to-do list, rearranged furniture, decluttered, and anything else I could manage before getting totally worn out.

I’m hoping to make these little weekend reviews a semi-regular thing; not every event of every weekend deserves a whole post, but we do enough that I think they merit a compilation.  Without further ado, here’s the roundup of this weekend.


1 – Inventoried baby clothes (I never promised that this would be thrilling).  I realized that between various gifts we had gotten, and sales items I picked up, I had no idea how many clothes we actually had.  I also realized that hey, we’re pretty much to the point of needing to have things ready, so it was time to inventory and fill in the gaps.  I’m still pretty sure that we’ll be taking advantage of Amazon Prime to have some things meet us at home when we get back from the hospital, but we’re off to a pretty good start.

2 – Fancy brunch recipes.  Runny-yoked eggs have never been my thing, but a few weeks ago, we saw this recipe for Mollet Eggs Florentine and decided that we needed to try it.  It turned out to be a really easy Friday dinner, and it was so worthwhile.  A half recipe (with half the spinach) was sufficient to make both of us sigh contentedly for the rest of the evening.

3 – Cherry cobbler.  Just three words: Midwinter cherry sale.

4 – 34 week baby.  My doctor thought it was hilarious that my response to “How are you feeling?” was just: “Ungainly.”  That pretty much sums it up, though.  I feel pretty good overall, except when I try to stand up, bend over, or roll over.  The doctor was also nice enough to confirm that baby’s head is exactly where it should be, which was a relief after the last one told me it was 90 degrees off.  Baby’s moving around a lot, and we swear that he knows when we’re talking about him.  No more hanging upside down off the couch.  Also in this photo: the dress I made for Christmas that wasn’t ready until New Years.

5 – Craigslist score.  We bought something off Craigslist yesterday and didn’t get murdered!  I found a listing for a “like new” co-sleeper, and we were all too happy to save $100 on something that our baby may or may not even tolerate (which is what happened with the seller).

6 – NYE.  I’m cheating a little bit and counting New Years Eve in with this weekend.  We had a very low-key evening: cheesecake and champagne at midnight, and then we realized that the women on the ball-drop were less dressed than the chickens on PBS, and switched to watching Julia Child.  Wild and crazy, here.

7 – Receiving blankets.  On the list of things we have surprisingly few of was blankets.  I can’t quite bring myself to pay $10 each for the ubiquitous safari animal muslin ones, but I’m also unwilling to go completely without.  I picked up some flannel and muslin at the fabric store and whipped up a couple simple blankets.  The flannel ones are done, and the muslin ones are pending.  Lessons learned: using the pattern on the fabric as a cutting guide only works if it doesn’t have a subtle shift.  Let’s just say I will not be using the grey one to teach the baby about right angles.

8 – Crepes.  Breakfast this morning.  In my old edition of Joy of Cooking, they’re listed as “French Pancakes,” and every time I make them, I just think of this.  “Oh, thin pancakes?  I love those things!”