What I’ll Be Reading…

…as I hold seats for Mass in the Basilica tonight.

Yes, I know I’m several months behind everyone else on reading this.  And yes, I know that it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to finish (it’s not exactly heavy reading).  And yes, I got this for Christmas.  One of things I’m most looking forward to in my post-college life is being able to finish more books, but for now, my goal is to finish this before graduation.

We’ve gotta Holga on to what we’ve got

I was surprised last week by an early birthday present from K and G: a Holga of my very own!  Faced with a box full of camera, manual, film masks, and film, and wanting to make it as portable as possible, I was delighted to realize that I had the perfect solution.  Behold the wonder of Bonus Days: I recently made a makeup purchase and had gotten a makeup bag that I had no use for (since I currently use the bags that I got during last year’s Bonus Days.  Will I ever actually buy a bag?  Doubtful.).  Lo and behold, it’s the perfect size for everything (and cute, to boot).

When packed up, the whole shebang fits in my purse comfortably and I can take it with me everywhere (unless it has to do battle with my choir binder for space, in which case it often ends up staying home).  I can’t wait to get through a whole roll and see what comes out!

Now I just feel that if we’re going to be spending so much time together, I should give it (her?) a name…