My Fill of Philly

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m at a professional conference in Philadelphia for a few days. I got in earlier than necessary yesterday, so I was able to walk around and do a little sightseeing. I’m blogging from my phone/iPad, so apologies for any weird formatting.

The flight was on a little turboprop, which is not my favorite way to fly. As predicted, it was loud and bumpy, but everyone survived (just barely, in the case of the poor woman in front of me).

Boarding on the tarmac. Just like Air Force One.

My hotel room is pretty excellent – my first four poster bed! Before I was married, I would’ve sprawled all over. Now, I couldn’t help but contain myself to a plot the size of half a queen size.

20130908-113436.jpg That said, it’s an insanely comfortable bed that I became pretty familiar with after being struck by a bizarre 12-hour bug.

Before my temporary infirmity, though, I walked past Independence Hall and through Redding Terminal Market, which was quite fun.






Chocolate lungs, kidneys, noses, and hearts

It was a tough place to be on a day of fasting.

Lesson learned: I could definitely not take my current shoes on the streets of Rome. I was wearing a pretty sensible pair and still had several near misses for my poor ankles.

And finally, a view near my hotel: