Cabin Fever Crafting

Since 1) Ana asked for our current craft ideas, and 2) my life from now till The Blessed Event in May is pretty much nothing but crafts, and 3) there’s not much else going on for the midterm-less in South Bend in February, I present: DIY bouquets (I figured that you all know how to address envelopes, which is my other current project).

The idea of getting as much done in advance as possible led me to decide that pulling ready-made bouquets out of a box the day before the wedding would be much preferred to figuring out the assembly of fresh flowers on the same day.  It didn’t take long for me to find instructions for making flowers out of super cheap lining fabrics, so the next step (pictured here) was to make a few hundred of those.  Credit for most of that work goes to mom, who sat down with a blowtorch and Downton Abbey (I think) and made a ton of these.

After that, it was a simple – albeit tedious – matter to layer four or five petals into flowers:


The beads are optional, but I think they give some necessary bulk and interest to the centers.  The embroidery floss does show, so I used one that looks somewhat realistic.

Sewing front1

Sewing front

I did a few stitches to anchor the layers, and then started adding a bead every time I went over the front.

Sewing back

To attach the flowers to the foam base (which I didn’t get any photos of, but it’s just from the floral/bridal section at Hobby Lobby), I’m using pipe cleaners.  They’re cut in thirds because I don’t need any more length than that. I put a bend into them about an inch from the end and then stitched through that.  So, beads in the front and pipe cleaner in the back.

Finished single

When the center is big enough, just wind the short end of the pipe cleaner around the base of the flower to stabilize it, and voila, easy as that!  Repeat 30 times, and you’ll still only be 2/3 done with the first bouquet:

Finished group2

It’s times like this that I’m grateful to have a small wedding party!

Finished group