What I Wore (Palm) Sunday

…to be remembered as the Sunday I got locked out the church and missed the entire homily, and not even at the same time.

Okay, so. Miss Maddy is having what I certainly hope is a growth spurt, which resulted in one (non-consecutive) hour of sleep for me last night. For a fun little stat, consider that our Mass today was twice as long as all the sleep I had. Ouch.

Due to Johnny's crazy work schedule and the fact that he's the schola director, he left early this morning and Maddy and I went to Mass separately. He took a turn holding her during the Gospel, and immediately after, I decided to seize the opportunity (my first in five hours) to go to the bathroom during the pre-homily announcements. Before I did, Johnny asked me to run out to the car to grab a chant book he forgot (A+s all around today…). On the way back in, I discovered that all the church doors were locked. Finally, I got to the farthest door from the parking lot, the door through which the Palm Sunday procession had entered just minutes before. Also locked, but Johnny was standing right there with Maddy and let me in.

I was still on my original mission of a bathroom trip, and I thought I'd surely have time for that (only about three minutes had passed since the end of the Gospel). It's a good thing I don't gamble for money, because when I came back, the homily was over. There was Johnny, standing in the front of the church, directing the Credo while holding our wide-awake, multi-colored afghan-swaddled baby. Someday we'll look back and laugh, right?


Dress: Motherhood Maternity

Sweater: Loft via Twice ($1.11, including shipping!)

Scarf: Hand-knit by me, worn due to outdoor procession and 35-degree weather


I don't usually mix patterns, so I'm hoping that stripes and spots was actually a good idea, and not just the result of a sleep-deprived delusion. No need to tell me if it was. ūüėČ



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Weekend in Review: 1/17-18

This weekend was…long-awaited. ¬†I had a crazy work week (seriously – I’ll be telling¬†stories about it over drinks for years, and mine will always beat yours). ¬†So, I needed a little more decompression time than usual and didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. ¬†Still, it was not entirely unproductive.

1 –¬†I finished my freezer clean-out and inventory. ¬†I was actually very pleased that I didn’t find anything ancient and/or unlabeled. ¬†I went so far as to actually wash out the inside of the freezer (not as bad as you may think; an advantage of having a small one). ¬†I have a friend who keeps a current freezer inventory on the outside door, and it always struck me as a good idea, so we’re going to give it a try.

The inventory included 5 pounds of freshly-chopped onions, which is part of my meal-prep plan. ¬†As you can see, we don’t have a ton of space for complete freezer meals, so instead, I’m trying to stock up on individual ingredients that will save us time and effort. ¬†So far, I’ve got onions and chicken stock. ¬†That should get us halfway through a lot of recipes, right?

2 –¬†Well, unless I’m not seeing it up there, I skipped #2 in my photos. ¬†Freebie!

3 –¬†Also on the freezer inventory was 7 dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. ¬†I made a double batch of the¬†Joy of Cooking¬†recipe (which I had never actually used before). ¬†The pattern on the top is courtesy of the plunger from my food processor – much easier than forks! ¬†The “samples” we baked up were fantastic, so this will be our new go-to recipe.

The rest of them are now in a big bag, waiting to be baked fresh whenever we feel the need for a lazy dessert. ¬†Johnny’s a great cook, so I know we’ll never starve, but¬†dessert is my domain and I’d hate to deprive him indefinitely.

4 –¬†I love having a reliable go-to recipe for things I make¬†on a semi-regular basis, rather than searching my cookbooks and internet history trying to find one that looks familiar. ¬†The cookie recipe I mentioned about will go in that file, as will the French toast recipe I finally found and loved on Saturday morning (I have to admit that I did alter it a bit by using half-and-half rather than cream). ¬†It had the perfect amount of sweetness and was perfect with our day-old Costco baguettes.

5 – Saturday was just a¬†little warmer than the few days, so I was able to make progress on an ongoing craft project. ¬†It’s a (now-belated) birthday gift, so I’m not going to share any pictures yet except to point out that I’m dealing with something apparently explosive at this point.

6 –¬†It¬†was¬†warmer, and then yesterday dawned with a nice little episode of freezing rain. ¬†I’m grateful for my Costco-sized ice scraper, and someone else to do the work.

7 –¬†Aaaand, I had to share this because while it may look like any old phone call, this is one of two grown men who went from talking about football championships to hashing out¬†Downton Abbey¬†plots. ¬†I believe they Lady Edith was the topic when I took this photo. ¬†Love you, dear!

8 –¬†Thanks to an awesome giveaway by Caitlyn, I am now the proud owner of a few bars of handmade soap from Durham Soap Shoppe. ¬†I only just got it in the mail, and put it out last night, but I’m already pretty sure it’s going to be part of the solution to my chronically dry hands (thanks a lot, housecleaning + winter + pregnancy). ¬†The one pictured is Eucalyptus-Lemon, which smells completely heavenly.

Normally, I might have saved them for a “special occasion” that never actually arrived, but I had just read a post called “Burn the Candles”¬†(via Art of Simple), and well, I think I’ve got some nice gifts to start using up.

9 –¬†My getting-stuff-done companion this weekend was the audiobook of¬†Pontoon¬†by Garrison Keillor. ¬†I was trying to describe it to Johnny, and got as far as, “Well, I’m 8 chapters in, and we’ve progressed about…5 minutes, plot-wise.” ¬†Basically, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Garrison Keillor, and you’ll either love it or hate it. ¬†I think it’s perfect to have on while working, but fair warning: if you fall asleep while listening, you will never find your way back to where you left off. ¬†You would just get lost in sentences that last 7 minutes, and tangents about the time Evelyn drove to Minneapolis.

As you can see from the Goodreads widget on the sidebar, I’m juggling a lot of books right now. ¬†With some of them, I’m up against library deadlines, and there are others I’d like to finish before the baby comes. ¬†My goal is to make time to read everyday without feeling guilty for not doing other things. ¬†I’ve been fairly successful at doing it at lunchtime, or right before bed.

I’ll leave you with a photo I call¬†View Through the Windshield on a January Morning.


Playing Catch-up

Oh hey there, 4 month blog break. ¬†It certainly hasn’t been for lack of content, but we’ve been in a 4-month survival period from which we’re slowly emerging. ¬†We took an un-blogged-about trip to Rochester NY for a wedding, where we found out about this little interloper:


10 weeks


13 weeks

19 weeks

19 weeks

And thus began the Lost Summer of going to work, coming home, melting into the couch, and never doing the dishes (Johnny does it, but I’m only just getting back into the groove of sometimes cooking dinner, eating it,¬†and¬†cleaning up after). ¬†At this point, Baby Trailmix is kicking like a champ, Daddy is keeping house like it’s his job, and Mama is delighted to be at the point where chocolate sounds good again.

We did manage to do some fun things this summer, including trips to Montreal, Maine, Boston, and Minnesota, and photos from those trips may just get posted at some point. ¬†In the meantime, I’ve got some other posts brewing – ¬†a few killer recipes we’ve made, and a story about how our recent trip to Pottery Barn turned into an unexpected ordeal. ¬†I’ve also been Instagramming more often than blogging, so hop over there if you want more frequent little snapshots.

Finally, at Mom’s request, a photo of what I wore Sunday, complete with 22 week baby. ¬†I promise I’ve been taking other photos as we go along, but we’re really only getting to the noteworthy bump now. ¬†Yesterday marked the first time a relative stranger (our parish’s pro-life coordinator, in this case, so I guess it’s okay) asked if I was pregnant.


Sweater: Lands End, pretty old and holding up like a champ

Tank: Old Navy (non-maternity, just two sizes up)

Skirt: Made by me! (fabric from our local huge fabric store, pattern here)¬†This project also deserves its own post. ¬†Time to start working through that drafts folder…

Shoes: Clark’s, found cheap on Amazon. ¬†Counting on these to carry my balance-challenged self through the icy winter.

Marching for Life 2013 (part 3)

By the time the March finished, we were ridiculously cold and hungry, so we sought out a place to meet all of our needs. ¬†We ended up at this delightful pub in Chinatown that seemed very Hobbitish to me (no one else got that vibe, so maybe it’s just because I’m reading Lord of the Rings right now).

March for Life_0171

Open fire was a must-have.

March for Life_0172

Really, no one else thinks this looks like the Prancing Pony?

If he had been in the corner, I’d still be there, man.

After we thawed out with soup and Guinness (for some, not me), we headed a couple blocks over to Old St. Mary’s for a Pontifical Mass sponsored by Juventutem Michigan.

Pontifical Mass41

Pontifical Mass43

Pontifical Mass48

These guys were just chilling in the narthex; I couldn’t resist getting a shot through the window.

Pontifical Mass61

You can see more pictures here, and an album of just mine here.

The rest of our evening was pretty uneventful, unless you count the guy who¬†jumped on the Metro tracks¬†to retrieve his (totally smashed) cell phone after he dropped it. ¬†With less than two minutes until the next train’s arrival, I just about had a heart attack.

The next morning, some of our contingent woke up bright and early to go to our Diocesan Mass at another nearby parish. ¬†I had spent the night completely unable to get comfortable on the convent floor, and didn’t realize until morning that I had accidentally been laying on one of those plastic desk chair-rolling mats. ¬†Thus, it wasn’t too difficult for me to linger in “bed.”

March for Life_0007

Compared to the last time I attended this Mass (three years ago), attendance was way up.  There were groups from pretty much every Catholic college and high school in the diocese, and a couple of the servers were former residents who are now Dominicans in D.C.

March for Life_0016_stitch

The small photo doesn’t do it justice. Click to enlarge.

March for Life_0029

Hey to you too!

March for Life_0013

Based on the photos I came home with, I pretty much put away my camera after that, although I’d swear that someone took a photo of me with Kermit at the Smithsonian. ¬†Suffice it to say, we brunched here (salmon & cream cheese omelet – awesome!), walked it off by going to the Smithsonian, and then headed back to our host parish to pack up. ¬†The return trip went off without a hitch, except for the 10 or so students that we were unable to locate by departure time. ¬†We’re assuming that all of them either left the night before, or had cancelled at the last minute. ¬†In any case, I didn’t get any frantic calls on my emergency phone, so I think we did the right thing by leaving.

A mere 12 bus-hours later, and we were home! ¬†And since¬†what I wore Sunday¬†involved various pieces that I had been wearing for the previous four days, I didn’t want to inflict a photo on anyone.

And that, in a nutshell, was my experience of the March for Life.  Go Irish!  Save babies!

What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

Temporarily ignoring the fact that at least half of this blog’s readers were sitting at the dinner table with me today, I’m joining other stylish people in posting… (drumroll for anyone who missed the title of this post)… What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Scarf: Farmers’ Market
Sweater: The Limited (hand-me-down)
Skirt: The Limited (super clearance)
Boots: Aerosoles outlet

Bonus: What He Wore

Shirt: Some store
Jeans: Maybe the same store
Drink: Hazelnut Baileys, fortified

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

What I Wore Sunday (No. 1)

Is it cheating if this photo isn’t actually from yesterday? ¬†While wearing this dress for only the second time (the first is pictured below), the zipper just totally busted in a most irreparable and un-hideable fashion. ¬†At least it wasn’t during Mass, but still…no picture. ¬†Back to Francesca’s Collection with this one, where receipt-less, I will demand an exchange.

Why no, we’re not looking at anything in particular. ¬†And yes, I’m okay with having an excuse to show off an engagement picture.

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