Yarn Along: All the Blankets We Cannot See

Just a quick post after a long break to mark the finish of the first baby blanket of the summer, made for the first nephew/niece of the summer.  The tradition of making a blanket for each new baby in the family was a much better idea before we had three babies due within a month of each other, but I’m actually making surprisingly good progress (despite or because of the fact that the last baby is mine, which is causing a lot of couch time lately).

I’m excited to finally share pictures of one secret project; the pattern and yarn were both really nice to work with, and it was a fun project.  I took a break for about 15 minutes, and then cast on the next project, a blanket for Baby 2.




Modeled by Maddy, who was very much in love with the finished product but happy to mail it off with a kiss.



I’ve also been reading a lot, thanks to four library requests that all came in at once.  I prioritized them according to the length of the wait list, and managed to finish All the Light We Cannot See on time.  Given how popular it is, I feel like an outlier saying that I wasn’t that crazy about it.  The story was compelling enough, but it’s certainly not going to stick with me long after I finished it.  I’ve moved on to Brooklyn, since I enjoyed the movie so much.  The novel is enjoyable too, but so close to the plot of the movie that I’m getting a little bored, knowing exactly what scene is coming next.


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