Christmas Movie Countdown

From now, roughly until Christmas, I’m going to post some of my favorite Christmas movies. Some are old standards, some might be…unexpected. The first selection is the latter.


What – you didn’t forget that Die Hard was a Christmas film, did you?  The reason all those people were still in the building to begin with was because of the Christmas party.  And come on, nothing says “spirit of Christmas” like a barefoot walk across broken glass.  Hmm…apparently this was Alan Rickman’s first feature film.  Glad he didn’t end up getting typecast forever!

Plus, this film includes a Christmas bonus for those of us who watched Friday night TV in the 90s: Carl Winslow, playing – you guessed it – a cop.  Okay, so there were no bold casting moves made in this film.  It’s worth watching anyway; just be sure to avoid the sequel, which shamelessly also takes place on Christmas.  Talk about implausible plot setups…