7 Quick Takes: California, you are crazy

Now that we’ve been in the Golden State for almost a month, I feel qualified to offer some observations. California, please take these in the spirit in which they are intended; namely, that of bewilderment and judgement.


I feel that I was led here under false pretenses. No one ever told me about that the human population was so greatly outnumbered by the spiders (black widows, to be precise). The first time I saw one, on the screen of our bedroom window, I was the only one even remotely surprised or concerned. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t comforted to hear, “Oh, it’s just a little one.”

Luckily, my Minnesota-born family was more understanding via group text:

The second one was on the INSIDE of the screen door, and again, I was the only one who cared. By the time the third one showed up, a few days ago, I dared to get close enough to spray it with a bottle of Raid. Turns out, it was dead long before I got to it.



The other day, I took Maddy outside to take her seven month photos. Within 20 seconds (no kidding), I saw 5 lizards (again, no kidding). I’m sure they were entirely harmless, but it didn’t seem like the best time or place to set my baby on the ground, so we scratched that plan. At this rate, I’m pretty much expecting that I’ve been lied to about the scarcity of snakes and earthquakes, too.


It is, unsurprisingly, hot. I realized within a few days of getting here that my single pair of shorts was not going to carry me through till whenever the temperature drops. I went to the mall thinking that surely, shorts would still be a hot commodity (or at least available). As it turns out, no. It took me four trips to find a pair (on steep clearance, at the bottom of the rack). Meanwhile, there were crowds of people flocking to the puffer vests and leggings.

PEOPLE! Fall is not going to be a thing here until at least February!


It rained earlier this week, and like a total dork, I stood outside in the rain (and brought my baby with me for good measure, so she doesn’t forget what water is).



To be a good sport, I should also mention some good points about this strange state. First: the Mexican food is fantastic. Even the cheapest (okay, second cheapest) grocery store taco counter is better than any Mexican restaurant anywhere else I’ve lived.

Watch it, kid. We'll learn about sharing *tomorrow*.




The scenery certainly hasn’t gotten old yet. This place was made for Instagram filters.



One more…one more… Oh! Midnight EST, when blog linkups go live, is only 9:00 here, meaning I stand a chance of making it on the list above #100! With that said…

I’m linking up with Kelly and everyone who’s anyone!




8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: California, you are crazy

  1. Jen says:

    Believe me, a lot of Californians like me would be more than happy to apply a flame thrower to a black widow. 🙂

    It reminds me of living in Montana in a town of 12 people where they claimed that rattlesnakes never crossed the railroad tracks or US Highway 2. Imagine my sheer fury when they killed a 4 1/2 foot one about 50 yards from the house about 4 years into our stay there. Yeah… I resolved not to go outside again until it snowed (and this was July or August).

    And seriously, I’m from NORTHERN California and have been transplanted to SOUTHERN

    • Jen says:

      And seriously, I’m from NORTHERN California and have been transplanted to SOUTHERN California against my will. I HATE HEAT WITH A FIERY PASSION AND MISS THE SANE TEMPERATURES OF THE MIDWEST!!!! (I lived in Ohio, Minnesota, and Montana.) I would honestly take -20F weather any day over the heat we had last week!

    • Holly says:

      Eek, I don’t blame you with the rattlesnakes! I’d have booked a ticket out before it stopped rattling. I’m really looking forward to visiting Northern CA; it looks pretty picturesque.

      • Jen says:

        I didn’t find out about it until after the fact! I was less than happy to say the least.

        If you head up to northern California, I recommend seeing the redwoods. Felton has some great places including Roaring Camp which your little one might enjoy. San Francisco is fabulous but very touristy and the California missions are all lovely. (I recommend Mission San Juan Capistrano which is on I-5 in Orange County. My user pic is from there.)

  2. Emily Davis says:

    Oh my goodness, this made me laugh. We moved from Maryland to Texas. Dear God….
    Anywhoooo… this was funny!
    Great post.

  3. This made me laugh, especially the lizard thing. This is such a big country that there’s no such thing as a “normal” US experience. See, I think lizards and bugs and 100 degree heat are normal and blizzards ala Minnesota are beyond the pale. But yeah, black widow spiders are scary, agreed.

    • Holly says:

      So true! I’m sure my complaining about the heat is as annoying to them as it is to me when people complain about winter. Just put on another sweater, whiners! 😉 It’s a big country.

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