Maddy at Four Months


Four months! A third of a year!  Despite feeling like I don’t *do* much every day, the ridiculous length of this post is evidence that at least something is happening.  Photo overload ahead.

This is a funny age: we’re struck one moment by how big she is now, and the next moment, she’s still just a little baby. Every day brings a new skill (yesterday, she started noticeable reaching when she wants to be picked up), but then again, she still can’t really sit up on her own, and rolling over is hit or miss.

She’s still a chill baby, as evidenced by this incident from a couple weeks ago when she did this to herself. I was sitting right next to her reading, but she didn’t make a peep, and I didn’t notice until Johnny walked in and pointed it out.


Our road trip included Maddy’s first trip to Notre Dame, although it’d probably be more accurate to call it a “trip,” since we literally left the car running while we snapped this quick photo. She’ll look more impressed when we actually show her around.

She picked up lots of new skills on our trip, some of them thanks to her grandpa and his well-known baby whispering skills.


He was the patient chaperone as she worked her way to the edge of the couch (which took about ten minutes), and then fearlessly peered over. We were all a little curious to see just how far over she’d have to look before she tumbled off. The answer is, pretty darn far; her butt is a pretty effective counterweight.


She also got to help change oil, so hopefully she can start pulling her weight around here soon.


We got a little visit from Johnny’s parents, and Maddy liked the extra attention and another opportunity to be charming.

She started to get interested in watching people eat, and every time she sees someone drinking from a cup, she stares until you let her suck on/lick it.


After months of shunning the pacifier (which we haven’t pushed too aggressively), she’s suddenly very into it.  I think she’s transitioning from sucking to gnawing, and she’s also better at holding it in her mouth.IMG_0798

Her current favorite toy – and my favorite, for the freedom it gives me – is this walker.  She’s really good at walking backwards, but is still working on coming forward.gerardis-2

She’s still losing her “baby” hair, and I’m pretty sure the new stuff is coming in very blonde.  I can’t wait to see if that holds true; that and her height are the most concrete contributions from my side of the gene pool.


She’s started babbling a lot, often in response to being talked to or when she gets excited by a song (The Beatles are her new discovery).  It’s hard to capture, since she clams up around the camera, but here’s a sample:

Maddy’s a girl after my own heart: her favorite part of the day is whenever Daddy comes home, and she’s a big fan of his guitar.

I’ll update with her official measurements when we get them, but I unofficially weighed her at 16 pounds recently, and a few weeks ago, she was 26″ inches tall.

Official measurements: 16lb 10oz (90th percentile) and 25″ (75th).


Love you, Smiles!fourMonths-5


One thought on “Maddy at Four Months

  1. Jenny says:

    What a beautiful girl!

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