Maddy at Three Months

Three months

This is extremely late, since we’re just a few days shy of the four month mark, but I’d hate to leave a gap, so here we go!  Also, someday I’m going to bring this orange chair to live with us, and all of our milestone photos will happen there.  It’s so fun.

Maddy’s biggest leap forward this month was learning to grab things intentionally.  Once she could use her hands, the world became her oyster!  She’s grabbing everything she can and getting it to her mouth ASAP.


The first day she figured out grabbing!

I photographed a fundraising dinner for a local school, and Maddy came along with her date.  They look pretty good together, if I do say so myself.Cathedral-3

Maddy’s blossoming personality has led to some new nicknames.  Below, the incarnation that her daddy lovingly calls “Oogie the Goon.”


Our trip to Minnesota took place over her three-month birthday,and she kind of leapt forward on that trip, developmentally.  I give credit to all the time she spent with people besides me.  Her cousins get credit for introducing her to the concept of “playtime,” “running around,” and “love taps.”


Below, her first encounter with a ceiling fan:  MNtrip-1

Coming soon (very soon) – Month Four!


One thought on “Maddy at Three Months

  1. Jenny says:

    “Oogie the Goon.” Ha!

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