Lessons from the Sick House


This.  This is the face of a baby who learned the hard way that “breastfeeding immunity” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

And this is the face of a mom who realizes that she’s got a real illness on her hands:

Ten days later, she’s finally pretty much over her first cold, and we’re getting some momentum back in our lives.  Ten days of sickness, two days of fever, several doses of Tylenol, so very many loads of laundry, and countless bouncing sessions on the bouncy ball.  Here it was, in a nutshell:

sick day

Here are some things I picked up over the last couple weeks:

Go Dog Go is 70 pages long, and that’s okay.  On day 5 or so, I discovered that we’ve been blessed with a baby who, even at this young age, prefers to just read books on a sick day.  Luckily for me, Maddy’s got a pretty sizeable library already, so I got to branch out a little from Moo, Baa, La La La.  The same seven books get old fast, so I can’t wait till she’s old enough to appreciate a little plot (Make Way for Ducklings and The Very Hungry Caterpillar are still way above her interest level).


Firefly only gets better with age.  My entertainment of choice was to rewatch Firefly, which I do every so often, like rereading a favorite novel.  I’m pretty sure Maddy needs a replica of Kaylee’s ballgown for Halloween.  I’ll just…get right on that.



We’re lucky to have such a great baby.  Maddy spent almost a week being a very sad baby, which made me and Johnny both grateful for how happy and easy she usually is.  Parents of colicky and sick babies have my respect; the days get long so fast when the baby won’t stop crying.

I am not as young as I used to be.  After spending several nights sleeping on the couch with Maddy, I’m adding sleeping on the couch to the list of *things* for which I am too old (inspired by Caitlyn’s ongoing list, which I find so relatable).


I married well.  There are some days I feel especially lucky to be married to such a great guy.  Last Saturday, when Johnny learned how to use the Nose Frida and take a *non-oral* temperature was one of those days (in lieu of photos, I’ll just give you the one above).  This is love.  God bless him.

Routine is our friend.  I’ve put a lot of effort into setting Maddy up with a stable routine, and that has really paid off lately.  I was concerned that a week of constant napping, couch-sleeping, and other disruptions would throw everything off, but two days into our return to normalcy, she’s back to being in bed at 8.  Based on the way I keep waking up at 4am, my own routine is going to need a little more coercion before it returns.

Parent sick days are lame.  At least I didn’t get sick until Maddy was almost better, but I still long for the day when I could sleep in and really embrace the sick day.  I’ve just been grabbing as much sleep as I can, and I’m sure I’ll be better soon enough, but in the meantime, my social baby wants a lot of attention.  Iced coffee is my friend.



2 thoughts on “Lessons from the Sick House

  1. Hannah says:

    Ugh, the first sick day as a new mom was a rude awakening for me too. No more being really lazy and doing whatever you feel like – nope, the baby still has the exact same needs as before! Who would have thought? 🙂

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