Maddy at Two Months


Here we are, another month gone! A lot has happened, especially in the last couple weeks, and Maddy is much more alert and engaged with the world. She's also a lot bigger – up two and a half pounds and two inches in the last month (that's 92nd and 90th percentiles, respectively). Hearing that put her occasional fussiness in perspective; it can hardly be comfortable to grow that fast.

She has kind of organically outgrown her mom-given nickname of “Squish,” since she has a lot more structure now. I don't think there are any new favorites for a consistent nickname (besides “Maddy,” of course), but as she finds her voice, I frequently find myself shortening it further to “Mad.”


She's a huge fan of her stuffed Mickey Mouse, so I've been spending a lot of time making him dance around for her. In a twist that's shocking to no one, I still don't do voices, so Mickey pretty much talks like me and meep-meeps her nose like the Roadrunner.


Maddy celebrated her two-month birthday with vaccinations – three shots and an oral one that was bad in it's own way. After a minute of bloodcurdling screams, she forgave me. I wonder…if I teach her to associate shots with birthdays, will that be a deterrent from overindulgence on her 21st? Hey Maddy, come on! Birthday girl does shots! Hey…why are you crying and in the fetal position?


All in all, she's just a happy, laid-back baby who's picking up new tricks every day. We're totally in love with her and can't wait to see what she learns in the weeks to come!

Also, her chins. Love her chins.




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