Triduum Recap (and What We Wore)

Happy Easter to all!  We made it through various Triduum liturgies mostly unscathed, though I’m glad to be reunited with Mommy’s Little Helper on this side of Easter.

We attended Good Friday and Holy Saturday liturgies at the convent near our house, which turned out to be a really good fit.  Sure, there was nowhere to hide, and every slurp of our noisy nurser resonated forever, but there was a pretty small (and understanding) crowd, and no unnecessary liturgical hijinks.  I did reach a new level of Mom-Life during the Vigil, though.  We got there just a couple minutes early, and we weren’t quite settled in when the whole church went pitch-black.  Johnny was caught outside the pew but managed to find his way back.  I started nursing Maddy and was just thinking about how convenient it was to have a dark church for bedtime nursing, when she spit up all over.  All.  Over.  Johnny took her while I spent the Exultet cleaning off every garment and surface with baby wipes by the light of a tiny Vigil candle.  I may need to write a verse about the glorious new mission of the inextinguishable light.  To Maddy’s credit, she was quiet as, well, a church mouse, and we easily made it through the whole Mass.


No matching tie for Johnny. He’s lucky I ran out of time.

On to what we wore Sunday.  I worked at breakneck speed on Saturday to finish my skirt, so by Sunday morning, all I needed to do was hem it.  My solution was, shall we say, temporary but sufficient, and I’ll do a real job this week.  Maddy’s dress went from zero to done between 8:00 and 11:00.  There are also some rough edges there, but I blame weird pattern instructions as much as anything.


I figured that there’s a relatively small window for us to wear matching outfits, so I decided to take advantage of it.  My skirt was easy enough but gave me to opportunity to learn how to sew pleats (and pockets!  and buttonholes!).  I only needed to consult the pattern help hotline (aka Mom) a couple times.


It came out a little smaller than I would’ve preferred, so there’s a definite hourglass silhouette made possible by control top nylons (time to put the jogging stroller to use).  Maddy’s dress was the smallest size offered by the pattern (for 6-12 pound babies, supposedly).  I think it’ll still fit her next Easter.  Still, it was fun to sew all the gathers (or “frounce,” as the pattern offered).


I was glad for the opportunity to wear my yellow wedding shoes, which kill my feet but make me happy anyway.  They’re pretty much a perfect match for this outfit.

And here’s the main event, tired out from a long weekend and big Easter party, but still a little ticklish.


Check out more Easter outfits at Fine Linen and Purple!


7 thoughts on “Triduum Recap (and What We Wore)

  1. Emily M says:

    I’ve always found baby patterns to run huge. I usually measure something that fits well, and then compare it to the measurements printed on the pattern pieces, which are the actual finished size of the garment. Much easier and better results than trying to measure a kid, especially once they go mobile.

    • Holly says:

      That sounds like a good strategy. One that would work better when I’ve got more than 90 minutes till go time. This dress is basically just a few rectangles with a lining, so I think I can get away with adding a second row of snaps on the back to snug it up.

      On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 11:58 PM, Pilgrims in an Unholy Land wrote:


      • Emily M says:

        Sounds likely. Babies are so squooshy (or, later, constantly moving), that you can get away with all sorts of things that wouldn’t fly on grown-up clothes.

  2. BT says:

    Love how you two are matching. Happy Easter!

  3. Rosie says:

    Oh my goodness, matching mother-daughter outfits!!! I love it! I almost did the same last year but then I decided that all the kids in seersucker + husband in a seersucker suit AND me in seersucker would probably be overkill 😉

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