Passiontide for the Cheap and Lazy

In which I lose any and all credibility as a church lady of good taste.

It’s possible that tonight, Johnny and I have reached new lows in following the letter of the law at the expense of everything else.  He asked last week if it would be possible for me to make purple Passiontide coverings for all of our sacred art.  I quickly realized two things: I didn’t want to hem 10+ little squares of fabric, and I didn’t want to pay for enough non-fraying fabric to cover everything (seriously, it was $12 a yard).  This led us to tonight’s scavenger hunt: Find All the Purple Stuff in the House.

I did buy tissue paper at Hobby Lobby, because at $1.29 a package, there wasn’t much at stake if it flopped.  Well, flop or not, it’s now covering a fair percentage of our walls.


Don’t worry – it looks just as great in person.

Next up, I needed something to cover the canonized popes on Maddy’s Pope Mobile (jealous?).  I realized that Post-Its would be perfect, but the only purple ones on hand were large flags.  Forgive me, JP2 and Pius X.passiontide-7

Finally, Johnny wanted the crucifix on our home altar to have something a little nicer.  Enter…a purple onesie.passiontide-8

At least it’s somewhat penitential to look around now, so that must count for something, right?  The chances that I’ll remember to do better next year are pretty low, so I’ll just set a goal of classing up this tradition by the time our children are old enough to remember.


One thought on “Passiontide for the Cheap and Lazy

  1. Emily M says:

    Hey, you’re ahead of me. I think I have some black cloth napkins I might dig out sometime this week…

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