Home Altar: Christmas 2014

HomeAltar Christmas

Happy almost-end of Christmas!  A little late, here’s a peek at how our home altar is dressed up this season.  Advent candles are put away and the wreath is now a backdrop.  I’m nervous about the candles near the dry pine needles, so we still haven’t lit them.  The garland over our Madonna is from last year, and I’m not sure it packed well; next year, I’m going to consider something fresh.

The white frontal was purchased and sewn just in the nick of time on Christmas Eve, and once it was up, Johnny and I both agreed that gold would be a better choice.  I had looked and not seen any ideal gold fabrics, and the fabric store employees were literally waiting for me to leave so that they could close early, so I went with white.  There’s nothing wrong with it, really – it just makes for a very monochrome area.  It’s up for a good portion of the year (now till Candlemas, then all of Easter), so I’d like to find something we both really like.

As a wedding gift from a seminarian friend, we got a copy of Dear Newlyweds, a compilation of Pope Pius XII’s addresses to newlywed couples.  I’ve been working through it slowly, mostly just on Sunday mornings before Mass while Johnny is rehearsing with the schola.  Yesterday, I got to the chapter on making a home, and it’s my favorite section by far (which is saying something).  Among the excerpts I highlighted for later sharing:

“See to it that from the very first day your home is manifestly Christian – that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is its King, that the image of the Crucified Savior and of the Most Gracious Virgin Mary have the place of honor there.” (Nov. 8, 1939)

Our Sacred Heart prayer card from Cardinal Burke is back out, and with that, our devotional trifecta is complete.  I’m always on the hunt for a slightly bigger print of that same image, but for now, it’s complete.


One thought on “Home Altar: Christmas 2014

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    I may have some extra of my favorite gold brocade. Let me know the unfinished size of fabric you need, and I’ll check. (It’s this one: http://church-ladies.blogspot.com/2007/11/church-in-miniature.html) I could also bring/send a piece of the thesis background if you wanted.

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