There and back…and further and back

Whew – our October of roadtripping is done.  The one of the nice things about living on the east coast is the impressive statistics you can boast with relatively little effort.  For instance, in two weekends of travelling, we crossed state borders 22 times.  On Sunday, we drove through 8 different states in 7 hours (thanks for the freebie, Delaware).Capture


There are two different trips combined on that map above – first to Philadelphia and home, then down to Arlington and back.  Despite the Google Maps app’s insistence trying to get us lost, we only missed one turn, and now we even have a decent idea of the best way to get through NYC.  Now, a quick recap:

Our first trip was down to Philly to visit Mary Liz and her family, who were in town for a conference.  We were lucky enough to stay with the incredibly hospitable parents of a college acquaintance.  They were the kind of hosts who pulled out loooooong-unused toys for the kids and baked a cheesecake one night and cookies the next.

We started our Saturday with a trip to the Reading Terminal Market, where Johnny was in food heaven.


After that, we went to Ikea (I know, so exciting and exotic).  But hey, I had a list, an empty car, and no one else had any better ideas.  My strategy for keeping Mary Liz’s Peep entertained also turned it into an efficient trip: I told him to find one arrow on the floor, stand on it, and then go find the next one.  Armed with his sheepskin duster, he kept us moving pretty quickly, and then we got to the really fun part, where he and Johnny got to run down the very long aisles in the warehouse.  Yes, Peep, it is a great store.



It was a beautiful day outside, so after our fill of Swedish vowels and cheap ice cream, we headed over to Valley Forge.  Both of the kids fell asleep on the drive over, but Johnny and I walked around a little and enjoyed the weather and the view.



Adding this to the album of photos of Johnny locked out of historic cabins.


They don’t call it the Golden Hour for nothing.


Okay, some of it was just observed from the car. It was almost dinnertime.



Oh hey, it’s…that guy.


24 week baby

The next day included a Mass at Holy Trinity Church, which was really lovely.  A Palestrina Mass setting written for the day?  Yes please.




I have to admit, this was my least favorite part of the church. It looked unfinished to me (and maybe it is).


Mass was a little later in the day and a little longer than we were expecting, so we were all ready for lunch by the time it was over.  We headed back to the Reading Market, because Johnny still had “at least 11 or 12” things he wanted to eat there.  One cheesesteak (for him) and giant burrito (also mostly for him) later, we had to leave, so we bid farewell to our friends and hit the road.



IMG_0106 Saying goodbye is hard to do.

Google Maps decided to “save” us from the George Washington Bridge, by taking us on a very scenic tour of the Meadowlands.  I don’t recommend it as a destination.

Then we were home until our next set of adventures, which will get their own post.


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