7 Quick Takes: Maternity clothes and getting things done


Women of the internet: I need your opinions.  I feel like my maternity wardrobe is kind of hit-or-miss, and I have a feeling that just adding a belt is not the solution to every problem.  This description of different pregnancy body types and how to dress them is really useful – I just know it! – but I can’t figure out what my type is to begin with.  I don’t think I’ll ever qualify as “small all over,” but apparently I still look the same from behind, and high vs. low is a total unknown.  Johnny defaults to “You’ve never looked prettier,” which is nice but not always the kind of evaluation I’m looking for.  I swear I’m not fishing for compliments, so help me out – big all over, small over, carrying high, or carrying low?

IMG_0045-2 - CopyIMG_0047-2 - Copy


I would just like to take a minute and say that the title of the new Star Wars movie makes me even less excited to see it than I already was.  It just sounds…boring.  Like I’m going to have to watch aging actors yawn for two hours.


This past week, my to-do list started exceeding the brain space I have available right now.  To be fair, I can only keep track of about 1 thing at a time (as long as it involves food), but it was time to outsource.


30 items later, I’ve managed to simultaneously feel like I have a handle on things, and that I’ve got a ton to do in the next little while.  Luckily, there are little things (“put laundry in dryer”) mixed in with more daunting tasks (“finish quilt” and “assemble crib”).  And better still, I shared the list with Johnny, so that he can join me in killing every Saturday for the foreseeable future.


Having made my list, I’m enjoying the satisfaction of checking things off regularly.  I just wrapped up a very big photography project and did some minor website updates (thank you, WordPress, for being so user-friendly!).  Finally, yesterday, my computer was free to get a much-needed memory upgrade.  My various projects would’ve gone better if I had done it before or during, but I didn’t want to risk a catastrophe, so I waited.  My only memory of swapping out RAM involves my dad doing it years and years ago, and as I recall, that’s the weekend I learned lots of fun new vocabulary, and the computer came out pretty much lobotomized.  Things have come a long way since then: I didn’t even have time to take a photo for posterity.  It literally took me less than 15 minutes to accomplish, start to finish, including the time it took me to get my pregnant self on the floor to disconnect all the cables.  And now my computer is so improved that I can listen to Pandora while blogging, which is a big perk.


I can’t believe how long I put off getting an Instagram account.  It’s fast becoming one of my favorite social media outlets (out of the…two I use).  It’s just so easy to post quick things on the go.  Twitter has no appeal for me, but Instagram…Instagram I can do, and have been doing, so check it out.



My swimming lessons deserve an entire post of their own – preferably one guest-written by Johnny (despite the fact that I think he may have snuck a few photos from the bleachers).  For now, I’ll just say that I have not drowned, I’m being taught by a teenager whose great goal in life is to someday get contact lenses (those were the days), and I have learned to propel myself through the water to a small degree.  Also, I’m really enjoying it.  It’s pretty much the highlight of my Monday/Wednesdays, and I was happy to realize that there’s a pool in the gym at work.  Future children: your mother isn’t totally lame!

You may think this looks dorky, but it was taken before I figured out that a nose clip also really helps.

A final observation: the combined age of the four staff members there (2 lifeguards, 2 teachers) is almost certainly less than the age of the other woman in the class with me.


Finally, we’re at 26 weeks now, or to put it more dramatically:

These days, baby’s favorite pastime is kicking the ipad off my stomach when I’m lying down.  Meanwhile, I’ve moved into “eat all the time” mode.  This morning, I shocked Johnny by telling him that I can eat a full turkey sandwich and apple for breakfast around 9, and be hungry again by 11:30.  And I don’t want to say I’m nesting, but I did stay up until after midnight last night cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.  After I finally went to bed, Johnny was brushing his teeth, and I realized urgently that I *needed* him to change the hand towel in the bathroom before he came to bed.  Whatever this mad urge is, I’ll take it.


7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Maternity clothes and getting things done

  1. Jenni says:

    I think you are carrying high. But my guess is that you will get as many different opinions as you get opinions. You are pretty small for 26 weeks, but I would kind of expect that for your first. My bet is that you will continue to carry high until you update your wardrobe for that shape and then you will begin carrying low.

    But you do look great! You really do!

    • Holly says:

      Thanks, Jenni! You’re right – as soon as I buy anything, I’ll wish I had the opposite. Right now, I have no basis for comparison, and everything is just…different. 🙂

  2. Emily M says:

    I think you’re “small all over” pregnancy-wise, but they lump that in with a “boyish figure,” which isn’t really the same thing, and doesn’t really fit.
    Whatever you are, you’re super adorable. (And I’m your sister, so I have to tell you the truth, right?)

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