7 Quick Takes: Flowers, Future Near-Drowning, and Costco Finds


I’d like to open with a little story, which is also a cautionary tale about making promises.  Somewhere in my happy childhood, I never learned how to swim.  Growing up in a state that only has about 15 days warm enough to swim, this wasn’t a big deal.  Then I went to college in an equally cold state, and missed my university’s swim test requirement by transferring in.  At no point have I been opposed to learning – it’s just never been a feasible option, and I’m beginning to think that there’s an age cutoff after which it’s just not possible to really learn well.  One time in college, a friend (who was not only an experienced lifeguard and swim teacher, but also in Navy ROTC) tried to teach me.  I was moderately successful in kicking my way across the pool with the assistance of a flotation device, but absolutely unable to float on my back or put my head underwater.

Johnny the California-born has always been somewhat incredulous at my ineptitude in water, and once when we were dating, I promised that I’d learn how to swim before we had kids.  *Cue foreshadowing music*

I really thought I was going to get off the hook, given the scarcity (and price) of adult swim lessons, until last week, when I spotted this in the newspaper: IMG_0758

Ten minutes from home, cheap, and at a time that works for me.  I was sunk (and soon, literally will be).  Johnny plans to camp out with a book and/or video camera, the jerk.  Class starts on Monday – updates will come after that.


My last hope for getting out of swimming was pinned on the availability of maternity swimwear.  $30 lessons aren’t much good if I needed a $70 suit, especially considering the very low frequency with which I’ll be wearing it.  Well, thanks a lot, Old Navy.  For under $20, I lucked out with a suit that’s honestly pretty cute.  Sorry, no photos to prove that it looks good.

On the other end of the online-shopping spectrum are these jeans, also from Old Navy, which should just not be worn by anyone besides that mannequin.  In my defense, I only bought them because they were $7, but they are going straight back.  Because…yikes.  Anyone have any better maternity jean suggestions?



About a month ago, we hosted some friends for dinner.  In my dinner guest-induced neurosis, I decided that flowers for the table were a total necessity (I dunno, to compensate for the fact that I was *only* serving a roast chicken and vegetables, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and apple crisp, all homemade?  It made sense at the time.).

I stepped into the floral section at the nearby semi-upscale grocery store, and picked up two bunches of alstroemeria for $4 each.  Well, that $8 bouquet lived for over three weeks, which is pretty impressive.  I’m now on bouquet #2, which are going strong in the kitchen window, and I can see this becoming a necessary purchase throughout the winter.



Baby Trailmix and I had a quick 23-week appointment this morning, during which he gave the doctor a well-deserved and solid kick straight to the doppler.  Thanks, kiddo – Mama’s proud.


Until pretty recently, our baby preparations only extended as far as 1) knowing that we’re having a baby, and 2) vaguely making a registry.  Then the family on one side asked us to pick out a crib we’d like, and the other side is throwing a shower and asked about a color scheme.  So I’ve been expanding my ideas beyond the dresser drawer I was planning to use as a bassinet (kidding!  a little), and even made a Pinterest board of color ideas.  “Nursery” is a loose term that in our case means “corner of the guest room, which has white walls that cannot be painted.”  Still, I’m suddenly pretty certain I need this rug to brighten up our bleak midwinter.


In her quick takes today, Rosie linked to these 1943 Priest Cutouts from Catholic Extension. Rather than waiting till 2017 or whenever Trailmix is ready for this, I think it’s time for me to break out some scissors and a box of crayons (or some colored pencils, if I wanted to get fancy).


I’ll end on a super-exciting topic: What I Found at Costco Yesterday!

Need a new coffee mug?  I did, after I left mine in a choir loft 45 minutes away last weekend (long story).  Costco to the rescue.  So far, it insulates really really well and seems totally leak-proof (even in the hands of a determined child, I’d guess – there are multiple safeguards on it).  Bonus: it comes in a 2-pack, so I can lose another one!

In the clothing section, I spotted a reprise from last winter: the best tights ever.  I can’t find a Costco link, but they come in a 2-pack and are waaaaay cheaper than the link above.  I got some last year, wore them a few times a week, and they still look like new.  They’re also not kidding about the “super opaque” thing.  In short, I highly recommend them, and I’m bummed that the control top will not play nice with my figure right now.

I also bought approximately seven pounds of Multigrain Cheerios, but that’s just because I was there at dinnertime and the baby wanted them.

On that note, I’m out – have a good weekend!  Go Irish, Beat Seminoles!


3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Flowers, Future Near-Drowning, and Costco Finds

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    Buy that rug. The colors are inspired and the surface will be a great play mat someday. In the meantime, you can use inexpensive fabric and paper decorations to make the rest of the nursery a great place to be!

    • Holly says:

      The mixed reviews are giving me pause. I’d hate for the color to wear off on our tan carpet…

      On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 2:42 PM, Pilgrims in an Unholy Land wrote:


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