A vintage birthday cake is still just a cake

For my birthday last week, I decided to bake a cake.  There’s nothing extraordinary about that, except that I grew up in a decidedly non-cake-eating family.  We’re certainly not opposed to dessert in general, but even with seven of us in the house, cake just always sat on the counter until the last half of it required a demolition team to remove.  For some reason I thought it’d be different this year – Johnny likes dessert of all kinds, and I picked up a couple 6″ pans on clearance at the King Arthur Flour store so that we’d be committed to a much smaller cake (it’s sitting on a regular dinner plate in the photo below).

When will I learn not to take photos under the hood light over the stove? Never? Okay.

I knew I wanted a citrus-themed cake, because spring has been too long in coming, and the most promising recipe I found claimed to be from 1929.  It didn’t have a ton of sugar and didn’t involve jello, unlike all the other ones.  Plus, it came with the endorsement “Believe me..you’re taste buds will explode!!!”, which I hope wasn’t on the original 1929 version.
Well, I made it, and it turned out well.  The icing was way too soft to be good for decorating, but I made the most of it and I think it turned out presentably.  And yet, it’s still just cake.  A week later, the last third of it is still sitting in the kitchen, untouched.  I may have overestimated Johnny’s willingness to eat anything, because the bags of Easter candy in the freezer are long gone while the cake remains.  Lesson learned (again).  I hope those cake pans work for pizza too.



4 thoughts on “A vintage birthday cake is still just a cake

  1. kate says:

    Oh those cake pans are good to keep around! I bought one to make Michael’s smash cake on his first birthday and now I don’t make cakes bigger than 6 inches. They’re still too big for so few people but its way better than the alternative!

    • Holly says:

      I haven’t quite given up hope on making successful cakes, but I think future attempts will have to involve chocolate and peanut butter to ensure that J eats them. Somewhere, I lost that guy whose favorite dessert was plain white dining hall cake…

      • kate says:

        Yeah cakes have to be fancy for me too… I made what I’m now dubbing “birthday cake” for Michael’s birthday and its definitely a favorite. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, but the filling also had crushed chocolate chips in it. Also, for Easter I did a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting topped with coconut and strawberries. All boxed, but definitely delicious.

  2. Holly says:

    Oh, anything involving coconut would be high on my list! And hey, with all this cake talk, happy birthday to you!!

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