Picture Frame Headboard “Tutorial”


A couple people asked about the headboard that made a cameo in my curtains post, so I thought I’d share a few more pictures and some brief instructions.  We weren’t looking for anything fancy, but in an all-white bedroom, a splash of color was necessary.  It was created at the end of a very long week of moving, so there are no process shots.  Luckily, it has a pretty simple construction, and I’ve deigned to supplement with a diagram (art degree FTW).

First, here’s the overall effect:


There are two frames (each 20″ x 30″), and each needs one sheet of foam core board of the same size, and enough fabric and foam to cover the opening, with enough extra to wrap around.  You’ll also need a roll of duct tape, and if your frame doesn’t have fasteners to hold everything in, you’ll need small nails.


Next, here’s a man with very little patience for picture-taking in the bedroom.


Ahem.  Moving along… Here’s a diagram showing the construction, in a nutshell.  The foam and fabric gets wrapped around the foam core, and taped to the back.

new doc_1

You can see that there’s a little cushion here – just enough to look a little more polished and be comfortable enough to lean my head against.IMG_1131

Here’s a view of the back.  You can see that the whole thing is just duct-taped together and held in with nails.IMG_2165

The adhesive trifecta: duct tape, nails, and 3M Command strips.

Behold, the finished product!  We haven’t had any trouble with it budging off the wall (in fact, it was pretty difficult to take down for photos just now).  I already had the frames, which eliminated the biggest expense (though I think you could get very similar ones for 50% off at Hobby Lobby).  It only took a yard of fabric and foam from Joann’s, which was a pretty insignificant expense.  And, if we ever change our bedroom decor, swapping out the panels will be a simple process.IMG_2162


3 thoughts on “Picture Frame Headboard “Tutorial”

  1. kate says:

    Excellent! And I just love that wedding photo over your bed. So sweet.

  2. Mary Liz says:

    Thank you for sharing! It looks awesome and is such a good idea!

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