Scenes from a Snow Day

We started shovelling when the ruler showed 10.5″.  It’s not the first ten that kills you; it’s the next four.


Rocking the home office.  My snow day was announced mid-day Tuesday, but poor Johnny had to wake up early to call the office and get their closing information.

One thing accomplished yesterday!  Hey, the intended recipient is only a month and a half old.


Having finished that big project, I started a hat for myself.  Every time I knit a hat, I curse it and swear never to do it again.  Every time.  I had to start and tear this one out three times, and I’m not sure whether it’ll actually fit, but I chose a pretty forgiving pattern.  If it fits (well enough), is cute (enough), and doesn’t make me itch (too much), it’ll be a win.  Easy-peasy.

That Twitter account  (@sochiproblems) open in the background was my hilarious find of the day.  I think it’s suitable for work/children-who-peek-over-shoulders, but I don’t remember every tweet, so be aware.


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