Happy birthday, HV!

Oh hey, I guess it’s NFP Awareness Week.  Today also happens to be the 45th birthday of Humanae Vitae, which is an occasion for either this cake or this one.

Once you’ve got your baby cake, take a few minutes and read this great article about translation problems with Humanae Vitae and how the common translation imposes a stricter standard of motive than was intended.  It’s a little lengthy and technical, but worth getting through.  It goes beyond the question of what constitutes “responsible parenthood.”  There’s also the fact that unless you’re someone’s spouse, confessor, or spiritual director, their motives – grave or not – don’t really concern you.

It is also out of place to form opinions about others based solely on how many or few children they have, since these virtues and the lack of them are oftentimes hidden from outsiders. The Church is a Mother who lovingly guides her children and exhorts them to fulfill their manifold responsibilities correctly and with the right priorities.

To put it another way (and link to another great article), keep your eyes on your own work.  It depresses me in advance to imagine that at some point in the future I’ll be judged at the grocery store for having 3 kids, and then judged at church for only having 3 kids.  I’m just not good enough at snappy comebacks to deal with that.

Anyway, happy birthday, HV.  Glad you’re here; sorry you were right.


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