Five Favorites

A truly random list of things I’m loving right now.



I was long overdue for an update to my photography website, and finally got a two-pronged poke in the rear to get it done.  First, I have a new last name, so that had to be updated.  Then, I shot a wedding over the weekend and wanted to spruce things up before my traffic spiked (which it totally did).  Thanks to a WordPress theme that was originally intended for B&Bs, I think I’m in much better shape than before.


This Harry Potter audiobook.  I’d heard good things about it, so I picked it up in anticipation of a long solo roadtrip over the weekend.  It did not disappoint!  I got through about half of it, and it was so engaging and entertaining.  Perfect for staying awake on the long road that is I-90/94.  I’ve got 64 CDs left in the series (I started with the fourth book, since I’ve read the first three more times than I can count), so I should be set for all the roadtrips I’ll ever take.



This sign, spotted at the grocery store yesterday.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have it sorted according to ribbons earned.



A new job that apparently involves occasional travel.  An hour after my soon-to-be boss emailed to check my availability on the dates, she had booked me a flight, a hotel room (above), and a conference registration for a week in an historic destination.  Not a bad introduction to a new job.


This hair product.  I’ve been using it through some wicked humidity, and I’ve never had less frizz and nicer curls than I do right now.  That said, I have long-ish hair that I try to make as curly as possible; my mom’s is shorter, and she wasn’t such a fan of her results.  The smell isn’t awesome (fake grape), but for $4 a tube at Walmart, it’s hard to complain too much.

That’s all – go check out other people’s (more cohesive) lists!


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