Marching for Life 2013 (Part 2)

Okay, here’s the post with photos!  As I mentioned before, we left on Thursday evening, boarding seven buses (in addition to the five that had left the night before).

March for Life_0350

Our intrepid bus captain made sure that no one got left behind at the Ohio travel plaza.

A mere 11-ish hours later (this sleep brought to you by Advil PM), we were at our host parish in Arlington, where breakfast and the rest of our group awaited.

March for Life_0042

The official University Mass was scheduled for that morning, but since I already had plans to go to a different Mass after the March, I struck out with a small group and saw some of the sights of D.C.

March for Life_0060

Namely, this guy.

Despite having been to D.C. several times, I’ve never spent much time in the Natural History Museum.  This time, however, our resident Floridian wanted to see some of the creepy things, so we wandered over there.  I have pictures of jars of eels and cockroach-holding, but I think I’ll save those for a better time.  After skipping the tarantula feeding in favor of a $4 cup of Smithsonian coffee, we headed out the front door to the National Mall and joined our group.

Click any photo to enlarge.

March for Life_0075

On our way to find them, we ran into our favorite Dominican.  We chatted for a bit, he shared his giant pretzel with us, and together we found the ND contingent.

March for Life_0087

He’s a big Notre Dame fan, you know.

March for Life_0152

We mostly managed to stay together, but it was hard to get a good shot of just how big the contingent was.

March for Life_0132

Just waiting for go time!

March for Life_0129

We fell in right behind this awesome group.

March for Life_0098

March for Life_0139

Knights of Columbus + Notre Dame: A natural combination.

March for Life_0144

Our group prayed a rosary in the middle of the March.

March for Life_0148


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