Marching for Life 2013 (part 1)


Just a quick update from northwestern Ohio, thanks to the loveliness of bus wifi (and apologies for any typos; I’m not used to blogging from an iPod). I’m on one of 12 buses taking Notre Dame students to DC for the March for Life. One of the organizers mentioned that this is one of the largest student groups ever to leave the University for one event, so my hat is off to those who have planned this trip as well as everyone who is attending. As the chaperone of record (though I have done literally none of the planning or heavy lifting), I’m expanding my horizons by making new friends (I sat next to complete stranger!) and leading the group rosary (which involved a microphone!). If you’re so inclined, join us in praying for these intentions:

1) For the unborn, especially those whose lives are threatened by abortion.
2) For all women considering abortion, that they may recognize the peace of God and the dignity of their unborn child.
3) For those who work in the abortion industry, that their hearts may be changed.
4) For the mothers and fathers of aborted children, that they may know healing and peace.
5) For judges and lawmakers, that they recognize and uphold the dignity of every life, from conception to natural death.

We’ll get to DC around 10:00 tomorrow morning, and from there I’ll update (with pictures) as I can. Right now, I’m going to make sure the ringer of my emergency phone is turned up and then find my Advil PM. Traveling in style, always.


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