Happy Epiphany!

Happy belated epiphany to one and all! Johnny and I took advantage of the last free weekend before the semester starts, and partied it up for the feast. On Saturday, we went to Mass at our parish and a bottle of water to be blessed as Epiphany Water. Those are our two little bottles in the front left of the group in the photo. Looking at what everyone else brought, we felt a little inadequate. Also, do these people know something we don’t? (“In case of emergency, plan to have at least 2 oz. of holy water per person per day…”)


I didn’t wake up early enough to eat breakfast before that noon Mass, so I was really looking forward to a lickety-split low Mass followed by a trip to the grocery store. Then Father made his pre-Mass announcements: “After Mass, I’ll be doing the Epiphany Water blessing, which takes about 45 minutes…” (cue stomach collapse) “…so you can just pick up your water tomorrow morning.” And there was much rejoicing.

Of course, when we picked up our water, one of our bottles had been swiped by someone else, thus further dooming us in case of emergency. Hopefully whoever took it will put it to good use. Aided by the Blessing Book of the Future (okay, just the internet and iPad), Johnny chalked up his doorframe for the year. We used this blessing, but I think there are lots of variations out there.


Then we went out to brunch at our favorite local restaurant, where all of our wildest brunch dreams came true. We’re in agreement that it’s the best meal of the day anyway, and this ranked in the top 4 of our brunch experiences. Someday we’ll dedicate our lives to a comprehensive study.


Round 1. Clockwise from top: Burgundy rabbit, noodles, herbed veggies, sausage and peppers, and the best scone ever.

After brunch, we headed to a church about an hour away for Mass.  As soon as we walked in, I noticed a glow coming from the main church into the narthex.  It would seem that the Christmas committee had a pretty large budget this year, at least in the “Blue lights” category.  Really, the church was very festive, but it did take a little getting used to.  After Mass, we met up with some of Johnny’s college friends to go to White Castle (don’t ask…).  Luckily for you, I didn’t take pictures of that, so I’ll leave you with something a little prettier.



3 thoughts on “Happy Epiphany!

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    That reminds me a little of the Marian shrine at St. Louis, King of France, only on steroids! (And will I ever get used to LED’s?)

  2. kate says:

    How oh HOW do I always forget about your blog?!? Sorry for this late comment, but I just couldn’t resist. Also, don’t feel bad about your minimal Epiphany water. I have none. 😦 I’ll be around more often my dear! You’re officially on my feed!

    • Holly says:

      As an update (because I know you’re concerned :-P), the missing bottle of water was recovered the next week. At least, we hope it was our bottle; otherwise we took some kid’s. I’m glad to see you blogging more as well (and congrats on the new job)!

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