7 Quick Takes: Holiday Hangover Edition

Okay, not a literal hangover, but it was awfully hard to get out of bed and go to work on Wednesday morning.

— 1 —

I’ve thought for several years now that I was sensitive to wool (the constant hives from November-March were a hint, but a girl can’t live in acrylic sweaters, okay?).    I seem to have found a solution, though: $60 merino sweaters from Banana Republic.  So simple!  And so…expensive.  However, I got a great deal on two of them the day after Christmas (no more than $35 for both, and I had a gift card, so they were technically free), and I’ve never been so warm and itch-free at the same time.


Fuzzy picture, but you can see the color. Also, yes, that is an NFP throw pillow that my mom made as a wedding shower gift.

— 2 —

Speaking of the shower, it was basically awesome.  The theme was “stock the bar,” because let’s face it – Johnny and I will buy our sheets if push comes to shove, but it’ll be a while before we splurge on a little alcohol.


Behold, “a little” alcohol.

That’s the sum of what we got (plus the glasses and various other gifts).  There are lots of things that we’re excited to try, plus wine in every color of the rainbow.

— 3 —

I had a lengthy to-do list while I was home (because suddenly I’m getting married THIS YEAR), and Mom and I managed to tackle almost all of it.  I’m not even sure I can remember all of it, but I know that we:

  • Cut 180 labels with our wedding website printed on them into quatrefoils and stuck them to cards
  • Die-cut 180 invitations
  • Glued invitation pieces together
  • Figured out how to make envelope liners (wrapping paper!), cut, and glued 180 of them
  • Sent all of my shower thank-yous within 48 hours

Still smiling…

— 4 —

I had been expecting that the invitations would tip the scales above the fateful 2-oz. mark beyond which the postage options are limited to schmaltzy wedding-specific stamps, but they actually came out well below.  This opened up the whole world of regular postage to us, and I had something specific in mind.  Behold:


I knew Johnny would be psyched about it, and anything that motivates him to help stick 180 stamps on envelopes is fine with me.  I texted him with the possibility of Reagan stamps, and he replied right away, “Hell yeah!!!”  I double-checked to make sure it wouldn’t offend a huge percentage of our guest list (I’m definitely the more cautious of the two of us), and he said, “Screw ’em.  It’s our damn wedding.  They can put Obama stickers on their own invites.”  Ladies and gentlemen, complementarity.

— 5 —

Several weeks ago, I had the idea of making a tree topper in honor of the #1 college football team in the country.  All it took was a little cardboard and a screw to punch holes, and I soon had this to take home.  I was kind of expecting that tangled mess of wires to raise some TSA eyebrows, but it didn’t.  Of course, this was the South Bend airport, so I think they would have understood if they had seen it.


It immediately got a place of honor on top of our tree, where it looked – if I may say so myself – very good.


— 6 —

For a great article on Notre Dame football, check out this great article on page 11 of our Diocesan newspaper.  (Edited to add two more articles: This one, from the Wall Street Journal, and this from the National Catholic Register.)  As for myself, I’ll be watching the Championship game with Johnny and some friends at a local restaurant, and yes, possibly praying a little bit.  Go Irish!

— 7 —

My sister sent these to us in a Christmas package, and my gosh they were heavenly (the caramels in particular, but I won’t say no to a candy that seems to be primarily made of red wine).  I’m 99% sure she designed and made the boxes herself, too – aren’t they adorable?



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8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Holiday Hangover Edition

  1. If I bring nothing else in February, the blue wine should make the cut. I’m sure you can slip it in at some college party. If all else fails, you can add some yellow food coloring and serve it on March 17. Go Irish! ;-P

    • Holly says:

      Orange juice would be the preferred means of changing blue drinks to green in the dining hall here (usually with blue Powerade, which looks pretty similar to this wine).

  2. Hannah says:

    LOVE Love LOVE the tree topper! My husband and I were in South Bend when ND hit #1. He graduated in ’98 and really wanted to see the sign be lit up on Grace (he was a Flannerite). Great wedding shower idea of stock the bar! We used Great Smoky Mountain stamps on our invitations because 1) we were over and 2) the post office miscalculated the invitation postage so we had to repurchase….

    • Holly says:

      Thanks! It was pretty easy to do, though we may have scandalized some people with our lack of an angel. 😉 As a Flannerite, your husband may appreciate the first picture in this post from the ND Archives’ blog.

      I wasn’t terribly worried about the stamp design, but I figured that as long as we had the option, we should have a little fun with it. The alternative was a 2-oz. butterfly stamp that also would have been fine.

  3. Kathleen says:

    #4 made me laugh. I can appreciate that, being in a family whose members occupy both ends of the political spectrum.

    • Holly says:

      Yeah…I know that my family and friends would be fine with it, but since I haven’t met most of his, I thought it might be worth double-checking. If he’s willing to go for it, so am I!

  4. Meghan says:

    That booze table is cracking me up. But it is really a great theme.. wish I had thought of that!

    • Holly says:

      I think we were all a little surprised by the volume, but hey, at least we won’t have to buy wine for the next 7 years or so (and the 2-liter bottle of…something green will last until kingdom come).

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