7 Quick Takes: projects I need to finish

Between Christmas, the wedding, and my general attitude of “why pay for something I can just make?”, I’ve got a lot of ongoing and upcoming projects.  Here, as proof of my potential insanity, I present 7 of them.

— 1 —


I never know what to expect when someone comes up to me after Mass and whispers, “Can you come back to the sacristy?  We have a problem that only a pious woman can solve.”  In the past, this has involved anything from wine-stained linens to incense spilled on the carpet (the vacuum cleaner smelled awesome for weeks, in case you were wondering).


This beauty is currently hanging on my bedroom closet door, waiting for the clasp at the top to be resewn.  I have the thread and all the pieces, and the fix itself should only take 20 minutes or so.

— 2 —


This may be cheating, because it’s done, but I just finished a shawl to give as an early birthday present.  I was really happy with how it turned out, and more importantly, so was the recipient (cotton yarn FTW!).

— 3 —

This freed me up to start the hat and scarf I want to make out of the Yarn of Bitterness (which is so very squooshy).  I had a false start or two on the hat, although I would’ve been set if I wanted to make a mobius hat.  It’s been ridiculously warm here so far this winter, but I know I’m going to want something more protective soon.


— 4 —

Moving on to things I haven’t really started yet.  I’m not set on carrying a particular kind of flower for the wedding,  but I am motivated to get as many things as possible done as early as possible.  Enter the DIY fabric bouquet.  I’m hopeful that a few hours of cutting and melting should get me all the flowers I need, and then I’ll just need to figure out how to arrange them in a realistic fashion.  No sweat, right?photo 3

— 5 —


My one and only Cyber Monday purchase was this yarn from Knit Picks.  If I haven’t mentioned my love affair with Knit Picks yet, suffice it to say that I can’t visit their website without finding something I want/need to buy (see also, Take #2).  Exhibit 2: Look at all the colors they offer in just one line:

Thanks for the link, Emily! This will definitely be my desktop background when the weather gets more dreary.

I’m going to use it on one of these for the back of the couch (in case I wasn’t convinced I was crazy before).

— 6 —


What, you can’t tell what those two quarter yards of fabric are going to be?  It’s a queen-sized quilt, dummy.  I was merrily clicking things onto our registry when I realized that there are no good bedspreads in the world.  Everything at the Dreaded Registry Store looked like a hotel reject, and everything I found at cuter stores cost something uncomfortably close to four figures.  Self, I said, This is ridiculous.  You could do this for a fraction of the cost.  You made a quilt once.  Never mind that it was only twin sized and happened well before you dreamed of having a job.  

I found a pattern I like as well as a palette, and am currently in the fabric-gathering stage.


— 7 —

Christmas card 2012

Old hymn text + rustic colors + border thingys = instant Christmas

Finally, Christmas cards.  Last year I was too ambitious and never actually sent anything.  This year, I took the easy way out and designed them in Photoshop.  Now they’re actually all printed and just need a note inside (and for some people, a print of an engagement photo).  I even have the stamps already!

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: projects I need to finish

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    I’m impressed and inspired!

  2. Jenny says:

    As the recipient of the shawl, I can attest to its wonderfulness. The blend of the yarn is quite tremendous. 🙂

  3. Martha says:

    At first I thought you made #1 and I was shocked!

    • Holly says:

      Haha, I wish! I’m guessing that out of all the vestments, this one would be the easiest to actually make, but given my current level of sewing machine aptitude, that’s a long way off.

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