“Divine Intimacy:” first impressions

I mentioned on Friday that I had ordered a copy of Divine Intimacy, in the hopes of jump starting more of a spiritual routine.  It arrived on Monday, which was great since the Amazon delivery estimate was between the 6th and 21st.  The book is a little bigger than I expected, so it’s not exactly purse-sized.  Just fine for the nightstand, though.


Quarter for scale. Not included with purchase.

The end papers are, as expected, lovely.  It’s a treat to have use a book that has been made with such an eye for detail.


And then, of course, there’s the content, which some would say is more important than the end papers.  It starts on the First Sunday of Advent, so when it arrived on Monday I was only one day behind.  There are two meditations given for each day, as well as a colloquy (a prayer addressed directly to God; see below).  So far, I’m extremely pleased with the tone used in the book; it’s simple and kind, but still manages to provide a kick in the pants every day.  For example, the first meditation I read included the following passage:


“If I do not become a saint, it is entirely my own fault.”  Yikes.  Unsurprisingly, that’s stuck with me.  There’s no set formula for when to use the meditations, but since there are two each day, I’ve been reading one first thing in the morning.  Each day so far, there has been something that has just stuck with me through the whole day.  The second – with colloquy – I’ve been reading right before bed.  I can’t wait to keep going, and will be sure to post any particular gems here.


Just the standard note that Baronius Press has no idea who I am or that I’m reviewing this book.  I just like it a lot.

2 thoughts on ““Divine Intimacy:” first impressions

  1. kate says:

    Clearly I’m catching up on your blog… this will be my last comment though. 😉 We love Divine Intimacy! I can’t say that either of us routinely use it but it is so very good. Glad you’re enjoying it! (Or at least were enjoying it on December 5th…)

    • Holly says:

      Still enjoying it! It’s sad, but this may be the longest that I’ve been so consistent with something like this. Someday I’m going to need to adjust my morning routine so that I read the first meditation *after* drinking coffee; as it is, I don’t think I absorb it as well as I might. Still, I’m glad to be doing as well as I am. Definitely a worthwhile splurge!

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