Small Business {Sad}urday

It’s a pleasure to support local businesses when they’re as delightful as my local yarn store.  I’ve only been there a few times, but mostly just because I knit really slowly.  Regardless, it was always delightful to go in and just look at the colors; 75 varieties of this on a shelf is just a totally different experience than shopping online (sidenote: Why, oh why, does wool give me hives? The Italian Plum shade fulfills all my hopes and dreams.).  You can imagine my disgust, then, at receiving a Black Friday sale email informing us that the Black Friday sale would also be a store closing sale due to the increased tax rates on small businesses beginning January 1.  The email mentioned that “Even if the shop grossed $200k a year, with the new tax increases I’d only clear about $4,000 after I pay taxes.”  I knew it was bad, but that’s outrageous.  Jokes about government-run yarn stores ensued (all acrylic, primary colors only).

Once I took a look at their hours, I realized that Saturday would be my only shot at making it in until next Saturday (and with the clearance prices, I wanted to get in early).  Unfortunately, I realized this when I was 2 hours away, and when it was 1 hour and 55 minutes from closing time.  I turned the wheel over to Johnny, who is better than me at driving fast.  Thanks to him, we made it with several minutes to spare – and don’t worry, I made sure to tell him how lucky I am to have a fiance who’s willing to push the speed limit to take me to a yarn store.  I snapped a picture of the sign on the door (above), and came out with the exact thing I needed (below). I would gladly have purchased more, but I only have one thing queued up right now.  Needless to say, I’m quite sad at having my friendly, local option taken away.  On the other hand, if anyone needs nice yarn in Michiana in the next couple weeks, I have a great recommendation!


One thought on “Small Business {Sad}urday

  1. I emailed a brief note of support and got this reply: “Thank you. Actually, I haven’t heard a single criticism of my reasons for closing, nothing but support and agreement. I don’t know if that is because the liberals aren’t saying anything, or maybe their eyes are getting opened by reality hitting home and their stash.”

    I’m sad to think of this identical scenario playing out all over the country in the next few months.

    (Also, I thought I already posted a similar comment, but wordpress must have eaten it.)

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