7 Quick Takes: No Pictures

All of my pictures are on my other computer, which I lent to someone, so this will be a very non-visual post.

— 1 —

I have a very important announcement to make: I am the newest member of the campus division of University Faculty for Life.  Okay, it’s not really that exciting; I filled out a little form on their website and paid my dues (only $10 because I’m not actually faculty!).  Anyway, I feel like I accomplished something this morning.

— 2 —

Day 2 of the Year of Faith, and I’m not behind on my Catechism-of-the-day emails.  Yes, that’s right – I’m bragging about the fact that I’ve managed to read two emails in the last two days.  Can you tell I’m celebrating the small victories this week?

— 3 —

Is there a name for the rule of the universe that no matter how far apart you space book requests from the library, everything will come in at once?  I went yesterday to pick up two cookbooks, and found 5 waiting for me (I hadn’t even been notified yet that they had come in).  Amazon doesn’t seem to be working right now, so I can’t link to what I got, but there’s the one above, another Cook’s Illustrated book, and a few Italian cookbooks.  I had put Baking Illustrated on my registry, but I haven’t decided yet if I’ll leave it there or go for something with a broader range.  I skimmed over it yesterday and it struck me more as something that you should just sit down and read, rather than actually use.  Maybe that’s just a sign that it’s a sturdy and indispensable reference work, I don’t know.  I’m going to read it with more depth and make up my mind.

— 4 —

Speaking of reading, I’m still slogging through The Battleground.  Fifty pages in and we haven’t gotten to a single name or date yet.  I realize that the world has come a long way since 1936, but so far all I’ve learned is that

  • It’s impossible to know how old fossils are.
  • It’s impossible to know why air gets colder as you go up in altitude.
  • There’s no way to define a desert.

I’m still working on it, but I have to admit that this is not accomplishing what I had hoped.  I’ve read one Belloc book before (Joan of Arc, in high school) and didn’t like that one either, though I attributed that to the fact that it was very French-heavy, and well, I didn’t know French.  If this one is also a bust, I may be forced to admit that his style just doesn’t work for me.

— 5 —

I’ll be spending much of tomorrow in the car, alternately driving and working on my current knitting project, which is mindless enough that I hope to make a lot of progress.  I’m motivated – it’s getting cold quickly!

— 6 —

I’m dying my hair on Monday, which is the boldest thing I’ve done in a while.  Since I’m growing it out for the wedding, I’ve been getting a little restless, and this seems like a good solution.  There’s a whole blog dedicated to pictures of red hair – who knew? – so after much browsing and a little bookmarking, I settled on the picture above for inspiration.  We’ll see how it ends up looking on me.

— 7 —

Hey – I did find a picture to add! This is from the last engagement session I did.

Another thing I’ve never done (obviously!) is have engagement pictures taken, but that’s looming too.  I’m much more accustomed to taking pictures than being in them, so it’s an interesting exercise to be on the other side.  In the past, when people have asked me what they should wear, I’ve given pretty vague advice.  Well, the tables have turned and I have no idea what to wear.  Our photographers have a portfolio of very hip, Pinterest-worthy photos, and I’m feeling the pressure to cuteify myself.  I took a little tour through Mr. Wonderful’s closet yesterday to see what I have to work with, and came up with…blue.  And grey.  Our conversation about it went something like this:

Me: I don’t have anything cute enough to wear… and maybe you should get a new tie.

Him: Well, should I just wear a suit?

Me: No, I don’t want our pictures to scream “Young Republicans.”

Him: Holly, we are the Young Republicans.

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