250 Days

Only 250 days until those save the dates up there are obsolete.  “Only.”  That assumes, of course, that the groom-to-be survives his current Man Cold.  Yesterday: fine.  Today?  I quote:

i might not make it
  i might die
  God is punishing me for my sins
Meanwhile, I am now the proud owner of this reception-leaving dress.  Sight unseen, with about 30% certainty the it would actually fit, and it’s pretty much perfect.  Allow me to rhapsodize for a moment about the latest thing to be crossed off my To Do list.
One of the best parts of buying upscale clothing is the wrapping.  I still have the packaging from the most expensive piece of clothing I’ve ever purchased – a $95 super-formal black dress from Ann Taylor – because it came wrapped in pleated tissue paper, in a box(!), in a bag.  This dress came adorably wrapped, although not quite as cute because it was extra wrapped to protect it from the elements.
I love the designer’s name.  Em commented that a print of the tag would make a cute piece of art, and I agree. This photo gives a hint of the significant pleating that pushed this dress out of the realm of “Things I Could Make” and into “Worth $80.”
Best yet, it’s a perfect match for the shoes I already bought.  Bubble hem.  Large pockets.  Expert construction.  Zipper (not 100 buttons). 😉  Delightfully perfect.


One thought on “250 Days

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    It’s a wedding miracle!

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