7 Quick Takes: 108 degree edition

— 1 —

I realize that to people in many other parts of the country, 100+ degrees isn’t that remarkable.  Here, though, it’s 20 degrees above average, and I’m pretty much ready for rain.

— 2 —

Thanks to my handy soaker hose, my garden is still doing well.  A little too well, perhaps, since it’s too hot for me to want to weed it.  To water, all I have to do is crack the back door open, hot gingerly from tuft to tuft of grass, and crank the faucet on.  Weeding would require being outside for a duration, and let’s face it, I’ve never been one to sweat willingly.

— 3 —

I was intrigued to read Calah’s endorsement of the easiest hair-curling technique ever, so I decided to try it last week.  In a word: amazing.  It literally takes about a minute and a half, and the results are awesome.  It also has the added benefits of getting my hair out of the way during the sweltering nights we’ve had lately (yesterday’s weather reports referred to the low temp as “muggy.”  That’s just not right.), as well as making my awkwardly-lengthed hair look good.  No before or during pictures for you, but here’s an after:

— 4 —

Unfortunately for the above take, that wasn’t really intended to be a hair picture, but one of the fabric flowers I experimented with making the other day.

They were so ridiculously easy that even the simplest tutorial would be overkill.  Step one: cut circles out of cheap polyester fabric.  Step two: melt them over a candle.  Step three: stack them and put a few stitches through the middle.  I tried it out as a potential wedding element, and I have to say, I’m being swayed by how easy they were and how far ahead of time I could get them done.

— 5 —

Another interesting wedding idea I came across this week is Little Borrowed Dress.  For $50 each, your bridesmaids can rent matchy dresses and then just stick them in the mail the next day (or buy them new for $150).  If they had my color, I might consider it, but even so, it’s a cool concept.

— 6 —

Since finishing my letter-writing book marathon, I’ve sent a few notes.  Okay, one was on a post-it note attached to a piece of mail I just forwarded, and one was an insurance payment.  But there were two real ones, too!  Now I’m out of stamps, so I have to decided which design to go with now.  Gotta say, I still like the Reagan ones.  I may just pick up another sheet of those if they’re still available.

— 7 —

On the schedule for this weekend:

  • Go to the farmers market, marvel at the offerings, and ponder how much better my life would be if I was a farmers market seller.
  • Buy sunscreen, SPF 1500, so that I can go to the pool.
  • Put on new swimsuit.
  • Realize that a swimsuit is the perfect amount of clothing to wear inside, so it’s clearly too much for outside and besides, I can’t swim anyway so I’d just end up sitting next to the pool, which is dumb because it’s 108 degrees outside and a new sunburn would just add insult to injury.
  • Look for a good hot-weather movie.  Realize that I watched White Christmas and Fargo last weekend (talk about an interesting juxtaposition).  Any other suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: 108 degree edition

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    You could watch Some Like it Hot, or something you previously saw at the theater with Mr. Wonderful. (good times!)

  2. Jenni says:

    I often ponder how much better my life would be as a farmers’ market seller too. Maybe we should work on that… 😉

  3. Jenni says:

    Also, I tried the hair curling thing last night. Awesome!

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