Cooking Blindly

Not literally, but I may as well have been.  After reading this recipe for gnocchi made with a grater (rather than a ricer or other implement I don’t own), I was determined to make it myself.  The only problem?  I’ve never had gnocchi.  I have seen them in the grocery store and been intrigued, but I’ve never actually eaten them, and I had only a vague idea of what the final product should be.

Still, the recipe could hardly have been simpler, and with relatively little effort, I ended up with a quart ziplock packed full of pasta.  For the first meal, I heated oil and butter in a pan till it was very hot, tossed in some asparagus and garlic, and then the gnocchi.  I cooked it without disturbing it much, to allow everything to brown, then added some cooked chicken and served.  Voila!  I don’t know if it’s what it was supposed to be, but holy moly, it was good.


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