Some Saturday Thoughts

Note: for profundity look elsewhere. Or maybe read this post backwards – it might be more meaningful.

Sometimes in life it happens that you’re running late and don’t grab anything for lunch except a single clementine. The morning is spent in contemplation of how very lame that is. Then you find a fridge full of awesome Chinese leftovers free for the taking, and lunch is suddenly better than anything you could’ve packed for yourself.

There’s a metaphor in there; I’ll leave it to you to tease it out.


My pre-coffee period this morning was longer than usual (thus, the afore-mentioned pondering of clementines). I suddenly realized that I was stapling unrelated pages together and had no memory of what I had said in the email I just replied to (thankfully it was coherent, relevant, and free of the Star Wars references that seem to happen when I’m not paying attention). I decided to look up whether lack of coffee/caffeine has ever been used in the insanity defense, but all I can find so far is the opposite: over-caffeination causing temporary “insanity”. This is pejoratively called the “Red Bull defense.”


I’m beginning to understand just how Apple sucks people into “loyalty.” I’m convinced that it’s not because they have an easier operating system, more reliable computers, better hardware, sleeker designs, or better customer service. No, it’s because they simply take away all decisions. If you want to buy a Mac, all you really need to know is roughly what size you want it to be, and what you want to do with it. From there, they can recommend one of approximately three different products for you. That’s all there is to it.

Buying a PC, on the other hand, is like walking through a minefield while blindfolded and juggling cats. And who do you choose for your guide through that minefield? What brand should you get? What memory? How’s the display? And then, heaven forbid there are color choices! The complexity became clear to me last night as I tried to shepherd Johnny out of Appleland (with which he has become extremely disenchanted) to a PC. He was prepared to pick something and buy it right away, but the sheer number of decisions, combined with the impossibly high standards of the friend he asked for advice (“You can’t get anything good for less than a grand, and nothing at a store is acceptable”) overwhelmed him. The purchase has been put off indefinitely. Way to go, Steve Jobs.


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