The Greatest TV Show You’ve Never Seen*

This is where man finds himself these days.  10,000 years in the making, 10,000 years of endeavor in art, in science, and the humanities; and within one generation, he’s been reduced to a feckless, bed-wetting, parmesan-shaving imbecile who revels in his own uselessness.  Something has to be done.

Thus begins the first episode of James May’s Man Lab, which is perhaps most succinctly described as Mythbusters meets Red Green meets The Art of Manliness.  Oh, and hosted by someone from Top Gear, so British Wit abounds (see especially his comments to a colander).  In the first episode alone, he tackles home improvement, bomb defusing, serenading, with a few other odds and ends.

It appears that several episodes (perhaps all of them, in fact) are available right now on Hulu; that’s where I caught episode 1 this morning.  Do check it out (unless you’re afraid of the responsibility that comes with awesome knowledge).

*Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that my sister and brother-in-law have been watching this for years, but I had never heard of it.


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