A Little Updating

Well, I finally got around to updating the blogroll on my sidebar (I can call it an “update” even though I didn’t even have one until now, right?).  As I went through my blog subscriptions, I realized that they more or less fit into a few categories:

Catholic Girls

As a Catholic girl myself, I guess everything I read has some appeal for Catholic girls.  However, there are good blogs, and then there are If-I-see-a-new-post-I-must-stop-and-read-it-no-matter-how-late-it’ll-make-me blogs.  If I had to pick out three blogs to recommend universally and without reservation to Catholic girls, I’d pick these these three.  Betty Beguiles has style advice for everyone, and her posts give me hope that feminine class isn’t dead.  Seraphic Singles can’t be beat when it comes to dealing with boys; it’s the advice your mother should’ve  given you (or did, and you didn’t listen, but somehow it’s easier to take when it comes from a stranger).  And the Pious Sodality will help you with all of your domestic church needs.

Catholics in General

This is a list that I’ve been cultivating for years.  Promising blogs go on, annoying blogs come off – my answer to “What Catholic blogs should I read?” will be different in two months than it is now.  How awesome that there are so many choices!

Crafty Blogs

This is a fun category, and one that really resonates with the BFA in me.  The blogs I’ve listed here are guaranteed to inspire you, no question.  All the bright colors of the craft blogs make a great pick-me-up during the bleak midwinter.


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