Liveblogging Catholicism


Fr. Robert Barron is on-campus today to offer a couple lectures, the first of which is going on…oh, right now. He’s also showing clips from the series, so I’m not sure how many notes I’ll take, but since I know at least my mom is jealous, I’m going to post anything worthwhile here. Stay tuned.

4:45: “Card. George says you can’t evangelization a culture you don’t love.”

4:40: “I hate dumbed down Catholicism, like what I got as a kid. My niece is reading Einstein in her science class, Shakespeare in her lit class, in her Latin class, Virgil, and in her religion class? A comic book. I am an enemy of ‘beige Catholicism’.”

4:37: Question: What does the “New Evangelization” mean? Using new media to invade the culture. The DVD series is available in seven languages, including Mandarin.

4:22: The radiance of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta is as beautiful as Chartres, and the answer to the mystery of this happiness is found in the heart of Catholicism.

4:13: “It’s Important to meet the skeptical world with the wealth of our intellectual tradition.”

4:08: Just watched the 9-minute trailer (sorry I don’t have a link; my iPad isn’t quite conducive to finding one). I don’t think it’s possible to watch it as a Catholic and not get a little choked up by the awesomeness.

3:56: The vast majority of the $3 million funding came from lay people, not parishes/dioceses.

3:54: “Catholicism is a smart religion. We’re constantly examining ourselves.”

3:50: Talking about how people have been led to his videos because of the pop culture references (someone who googled Charlie Sheen > Martin Sheen > Fulton Sheen > Fr. Barron). People who never would’ve gone to a church is drawn in by videos about Bob Dylan and The Departed.

3:45: “We have technology Fulton Sheen would’ve given his right arm for.”

3:43: There seems to be a recurring theme that everyone knows that Catholics need to embrace media, but most of them have no ideas about what that means or how best to do it.

3:40: ” Our Protestant friends are way ahead of us when it comes to using media.” Either stop complaining about it, or do something.

3:34: This lecture is sponsored solely by the Colleges of Science and Engineering. I think that says a lot (all good) about those departments.

3:25: Good crowd here, some of whom are the usual suspects, but also lots of people I wouldn’t have expected. I saw a priest whom I wouldn’t necessarily have pegged as a fan just whip out a credit card and buy the boxed set – before the lecture!

3:20: Students outside the lecture hall: “What is this – like, evangelism? Why would they do that here?” Yeah. Clearly it’s not necessary.


2 thoughts on “Liveblogging Catholicism

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    “but since I know at least my mom is jealous, I’m going to post anything worthwhile here”

    Let’s hope he says *something* worthwhile!

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