An Unwelcome(?) Paradigm Shift

I have quiz on Friday that I need to study for.  I’m finding that all of my old study habits are coming in handy: notecards, colored pens, writing the same thing 15 times.  One thing has changed, though, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  You see, I’ve been doing most of the work for this class at work, at my desk.  I’m at home now, needing to study, and I just realized that I want to work at my desk.  Maybe you have to know me to know what a big deal this is, but I feel fundamentally shaken.  Practically, this is problematic because my small desk is currently covered with a variety of art projects that will need to be moved.  I’m not sure whether to feel betrayed by my grown-up self, or glad to be able to work on a flat surface.


One thought on “An Unwelcome(?) Paradigm Shift

  1. Sue Klejeski says:

    Until 2 months ago you never worked at a desk. Sounds like it’s a good fit for you if you’ve adopted the need so quickly. 🙂

    It’s possible you just need a bigger desk at home. And a studio for art-related needs. With a big window.

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