Seventy-Two Hour Scarf

Like most knitters, I have a pretty sizable collection of in-process proojects at any given time.  I’ve been working on clearing that list, but a couple days ago I just needed to take a break from the seemingly never-ending lace sweater I’ve got on my needles.  Enter this pattern.  It was everything I needed: refreshingly simple, doable with yarn I already had, and highly satisfying in the end.  It took me just a few days of dedicated knitting.I love the leaf pattern that runs along one edge, and the garter stitch on the other edge and both ends keeps it nice and flat.The pattern makes a nice triangular shape; I’m guessing that’ll help with those gusts of wind that come from behind and get between the wraps of regular scarves.


3 thoughts on “Seventy-Two Hour Scarf

  1. Kathryn N says:

    What yarn did you use for it? I’ve been eyeing that pattern for quite some time and was just thinking about casting one on to replace a Christmas gift that isn’t coming out the right size and would take weeks to redo.

  2. Jenni says:

    Very cute! I love it with the coat. 🙂

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