Yes, I did see the notice last week about the upcoming chimney inspections. I took note of the phrase “residents do not need to be present” and mentally filed it away where I keep other bits of knowledge like my plant’s birthday and the date my tetanus shot expires. Thus, it was with some surprise that I opened the door this morning to find two rather large men dressed in black who seemed to think they were welcome in my living room. Once I remembered that anonymous slip of paper I had seen last week – my retrieval mechanism runs on caffeine, which had not been had yet – I did let them in. In their defense, they were polite and professional, though perhaps not the brightest bulbs (they asked how we like living in Michigan; we are solidly in Indiana). The chimney was declared clean, though apparently our damper was open (and doubtless has been so since we moved in). They were gone as fast as they came, and I resumed my morning routine, sans strange men in the living room.


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