7 Quick Takes

With photos this week!

1. I’ve been trying to get out of my college-induced never-read-an-entire-book phase, and somewhat unexpectedly, I have to admit that my iPad has been a great aid in that.  The local library has ebooks that can be “checked out” for the standard two weeks (though there’s no way to renew them 😦 ).  I’ve gotten a few Clancy books that I’ve read before, Pioneer Woman’s memoir, and currently have a few public domain books queued up.

2. Since I still need a dresser and desk chair, I’m planning to go to the Old2Gold sale tomorrow.  As I look at the facebook page, though, I’m increasingly realizing that there are lots of people who treat this event like the best of all Black Friday sales.  I’m not sure I prepared myself for the competition that might be necessary.  Eek.

3. One roommate brought a coffee table and end table that she’s planning to refinish. They’re an awfully cute style, and I love refinishing furniture, so I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like with a fresh coat of paint and a new color.

4. Speaking of things that roommates brought, our dish cabinet expanded from four white place settings to 16 settings in four different styles. Given that I’ve never seen more than two in use at a time, this might be excessive, but it is fun to have options. I expect my food photography to improve accordingly.

5. Unpacking.  Still.  I made a lot of progress the other day, and I think all I’m waiting for is somewhere to put all my t-shirts and socks (see #2, above).  I’m definitely seeing the advantages of wall-mounted storage, especially around my desk area.

6. It’s a good day at the post office when you have to pass up Mother Teresa and Ronald Reagan to get the stamps you really want.  I mailed a letter to Jenni solely so that she could get this stamp, so I don’t want to totally spoil the surprise.  Hopefully she’ll post on her own blog when she gets it.

7. I’ll admit it: I spent a lot of time watching this clock when I was home.  At the time, there was a screensaver, but it was only for Mac.  I went back to the site this week and discovered that there’s now a Windows version.  Oh joy!  I downloaded it and may or may not have reset my settings so that the computer goes to screensaver after three minutes.


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