7 Quick Takes Friday (first time!)

1. This is my first time participating in this…can I come up with 7 things?  Well, one down! 😉

2. 11:30 Mass has had an interesting assortment of priests this week.  Today, it was the same priest who on Tuesday used the Eucharistic Prayer for Children.  I mentally braced myself, and then he went on to chant the gospel verse, give an eloquent homily that used the word “self-aggrandizement” (yes, that’s 5 syllables), and use EP3.  Go figure.

3. I’m still trying to figure out the most painless way to update my website.  I think it’ll end up being a total, from scratch, overhaul.  Hopefully with a simpler finished product.

4. My background check is still pending, and I’m awaiting its completion so that I can get an ID and work out with KHal.  Working out with others is always a good motivator for me (thanks, pride!).

5. Looking forward to a wedding tomorrow.  Roommate and I joked about changing halfway through the day a la royal wedding, since there’s both a lunch and dinner reception.  Don’t think it’ll actually happen, though.

6.  Roommate and I finally saw each other yesterday, for the first time all week (this required me staying up a little late, and her happening to get home a little early).  We spent some time rearranging the kitchen, lamenting the lack of really useful cabinets in our kitchen, and pulling out my happy yellow dishes to use (yay, happy yellow dishes)!

7. This week in choir: all chant, all the time.  I’m okay with this in principle, but it does make rehearsal a little…ahem, laborious.

Go to Conversion Diary for more (and probably more interesting) Quick Takes!


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