Keeping Busy

I didn’t realize it then, but I took my last final exam in December.  This semester, I’ve just got projects to finish up.  Thesis done, I’ve got a CSS webpage that’s in sorry shape and needs to be functional by Tuesday, a programming project that’s nearly done by still has a flaw or two, and a photo alphabet to finish up (see above).  The shooting is done; it was a little odd to realize I’m done taking photos on which I’ll be graded.  I still have to make them into tintypes before next Thursday (seven or eight are already done; the rest are soon to be).  I feel the need to combat the squeaky-clean image I seem to have given myself with my thesis (;-P), so these are a little darker.

I’ve also been busy with professional photos, which is far more satisfying to me.  Some of the recent ones are on my Facebook page, and I’ve got another set that’s half-done.  I’m also scheduled to do an engagement portrait session in a couple weeks, which is always fun.  After that, I need to overhaul my website and make it a little easier to update.

Mr. Wonderful gave me a book for my birthday.  The idea that he has faith that I’ll read again someday gives me hope…


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